Rose Red, Snow White


I Love her


Icy silence suffocates the mountain noise, a moment calm, honest, and seamless. The raging storm that had extended our romantic winter getaway finally passed. The storm had left the mountain in white awe. If it weren’t for the blood and dead bodies, this would have been a breathtaking, Instagram photo, it would probably even get well over a hundred reacts and shares. Instead, it was life taking, a scene from a horror novel or one of those Crime Scene Investigation shows. The storm attempted to bury secrets, but blood is hard to get out, especially out of anything white. Once spilled it refused to be forgotten, to just be hidden; down to the most minuscule splatter, the sanguine fluid seems to call out, “HEY! Over here I’m Blood, Human blood to be exact! Nice to meet ya!” it shimmered from the morning glow as the sun crowned the new day.

     Snow white stained in a deep seething red. Hot tears fell from my eyes mixing with the blood and dirt, it was the only bit of warmness I could feel. “Un-un-unforgivable…” the word struggled to fall from my lips in a white mist like those speech balloons I would see in comics that worded the characters in the panels’ thoughts and dialogue to the reader. 

    A blanket of ice settled perfectly still all around me. My hand’s filth with the red ink, sweat, and dirt. Kassidy, my beautiful darling wife appears frozen as I look on to her sweet face, now stained in blood. She was not frozen by the chill whisper of the wind, but by time. I wanted to remember this even when she’s gone, I wanted to remember her as she was at this moment.

I robbed her of time, and she has robbed me of mines; Kassidy would forever be preserved in these closing moments of this tragic play. Our family cabin we rebuilt in our image and made memories in on the left. The lake the kids played in, the Lake Zion first learned how to swim in, the lake where we made love in on our random summer get always to the right. Both ravaged with sins of infidelity; “I killed him… for you, for us… Kassidy why?”

     Red, Kassidy moaning whilst lips suckle her neck. White, Kassidy smiling in a heavenly glow as we stood at the altar holding hands and she says, “I do.” Red, deep thrust, Kassidy mouth uncontrollably opening wider as he buried himself deeper into her. White, Kassidy lying exhausted but smiling in a hospital bed holding our sweet boy. Red. Them. White. Us. Red. Red. RED. “Un-unforgivable…” more of those speech balloons.

     My Heart. My Wife. My Queen. Kassidy held a penetrating stare to my gaze as the sticky red fluid pooled onto the snow, soiling it lush pure beauty.

   Grey laid at our feet like an offering, his face fixated on me with mixed-match eyes. If only I saw through those stolen eyes that now watch with a lifeless self-satisfaction. Even though Grey’s pale face was petrified there was a blissful look that whispered with the lapsing wind,

“What does a liar do when he’s dead?”

From the moment the illustrator of this long drawn out novella of love and catastrophe appeared, I’ve assumed he was the author of it all. But that’s not the truth, is it Kassidy? This was long written. We just finally made it to the irrevocable act of it all, the closing curtain.

       “W-why him?” I grunted through the anger and pain. Kassidy held me intently with those hazel eyes that answer louder than anything she could voice. Had I caught on earlier maybe it would have played out differently, at least some part of me wanted to believe that. The naïve part. The Dreamer. 

     The truth is this ending was always coming. Yeah, the cold bloody red winter backdrop, the cabin in the wood scene was always premeditated as the closing of it all. We just had to make it here eventually right Baby, this was always meant to happen, from that very moment we had lost Claire, it was inevitable. 

     Forgive but never forget… but there are somethings you merely can’t be forgiven nor forgotten. You hurt me because I’ve hurt you but why this? Here I am again, asking a question I knew the answer to or at the very least understood that I co-wrote it all. 

     How many times had I held and felt the polymer of that Smith & Wesson M&P, hours at the range just to practiced being proficient in use with it to protect my family, my home, never did I imagine it’ll be used like this. Divorce was never an option, only death, a sin for a sin. Kassidy was fading into that black and as I look unto her cold rigid face its Gray’s question I see.

“What does a liar do when he’s dead?” 

     I’ll suffer hell’s penance for the sins of killing the one I love. This single 9-millimeter round will serve as the final period to it all as the final thought crossed my mind.

     Unforgivable. Unforgivable. Unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable, unforgivable, it was all so damn “UNFORGIVABLE!” The December winds answered my cries with a sudden gust of wind and then there was a hush that again befell the wintery white land stained in blood. Unforgivable.                                                                                                                                   


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Issa Snack (Pt. I)

For a while now, we’ve been playing these games with one another. Flirting and sexting, the occasional late-night freak talk of all the things we would do to one another.

All this did for me was manifest an insatiable hunger for you, yes, you. The one that had been the cause of all my erotic fantasies and wettest dreams. I had a craving that couldn’t be filled by ordinary means, and tonight, I wanted to change that. I needed to satisfy this carnal deprivation.


I called you over for a little Netflix, chill, and a home cooked meal that was carefully prepared by yours truly.

The night went smoothly, the sexual tension was overwhelming. We couldn’t keep our hands or lips off one another. It was finally time to turn all our words into reality. Taking you by your soft hand, I guided you up the stairs into the bathroom. I ran the shower until just about every reflective surface were fogged up.


We undressed one another slowly, carefully. As I peeled off each article of clothing, I felt that childish anticipation of Christmas morning. I felt the same excitement of ripping the wrapping off the gifts. We bathed in the sight of each other’s glory. You bit your bottom lip and I damp mines. We moved to the shower and gently cleansed each other in detail, in preparation.

I stood close to you with your back to the shower wall, kissing and licking your neck as the heat of the water rained down on us. My kisses descended lower and lower, making a stop at your fully erect nipples. Taking time with each one in my mouth, teasing them with the soft nibble of my teeth and the swirl of my tongue. Traveling lower, I dropped to my knees, pulling your passion fruit towards my awaiting mouth. You arched your back and moaned when you felt my lips and tongue press on your sweet tasting yoni.  Without hesitation, your legs open wide to the feel of my tongue; you placed one foot on the edge of the tub; opening your universe to me. I inched closer, cradling your hips in my hands so I can dive my face deeper into your tunnel of love.

Part II

Part III

Lunar petal 26 : Déjà vu

I had a dream about you last night,

in a place where time and space could not touch us

I remembered how your smile was so simple and bright,

I’ve tasted those honey suckle lips

deliberately fell deep into the chasm of those eyes

My hands traced the detail of those hips so intimately

I knew you before I even met you,

This must be what they call déjà vu.



I Love her

Soft, white silence suffocates the mountain noise, a moment calm, honest, and seamless. Snow white stained in a deep seething red.

A blanket of ice settled perfectly still around me. My hands crimson with the ink of blood, she was frozen. Not by the icy winter wind but by time. She was forever captured in these last fleeting moments of this tragic stage.

My Heart, my Wife, my Queen, she held a penetrating stare to my gaze as the sticky red fluid pooled into the snow soiling it lush pure beauty.

Standing there fixated on this twisted tragedy was Him. Watching with smugness through those damn beady eyes of black pebble. His face snow pale with a grin made of stones sculpted a crossed its chilly surface. His twig thin arms up in celebration for the condemning of my soul.

He did all of this, from the moment I uncovered his secret and failed to save an innocent, he has played as the author and illustrator of this long drawn out novella of retribution.

Now, this winter stage serves as the climax as the curtains are drawn. As the lights dim a faint whisper could be heard

    I’ll suffer hell’s penance for the sins of killing the one I love.


HeartBeat Melody

Can we dance underneath the stars,
Just you and me
With nothing playing but the rhythm of our heartbeats,
It plays my favorite tune as we groove and stride to that sweetheart melody

Let me hold you in the spotlight of the moon,
Just me and you,
Vibing to the perfect volume that resonates so sweetly with the beautiful wilds of the night as I see the wonder of God design in your eyes,
Damn I love that kind of rushing feelings

I just want to chill and vibe,
You and me,
rocking side to side underneath a star-filled sky
With no why’s rhyme or reason,

I miss dancing like that
You and me
Vibing to the beat of that Heartbeat Melody,
I count the moments when we can rewind it back
But I see you’re already onto the next track

Freedoms Fine Print by Amir

Every day I pray for the next generations minds,

I can’t breathe…

A generation of social influencers

Slaves of a new kind,

I can’t breathe…

Let the media tell it

We are lead to believe we are free,

Freedom of speech
Freedom of religion
Freedom of self

I can’t breathe…

But those born with a flesh like mines that’s just an illusion to make us comply,

I can’t breathe…

They bind our hands and rest their knees on our neck then say we are resisting arrest

I can’t breathe…

Open your eyes for these devils do not rest,

Black Mother’s and Father are laying to rest their young,

I can’t breathe…

Black Son’s and Daughters are losing their Mothers and Fathers

Death from natural causes –
Fear,  Hate, and sickness of the mind

I can’t breathe…

Another Son struck down by those sworn to protect and serve for committing the crime E.W.B (Existing While Black)

I can’t breathe…

Facts watered down and sugar-coated,

I can’t breathe…

You see my independence started on the 19th of June 1865, that’s 89 years after the 4th of July,

History is told by the winners, the losers are silenced because the dead don’t speak,

American History but not my ancestor’s story,

28 days out the year to speak on Black culture

400+ years yes, plus years because it’s still thriving,

I can’t breathe…

We take to the streets and parade for Justice and Peace but the cries of the oppressed fall on deaf ears,

So we burn and riot, your buildings can be replaced but Black lives can not

All lives matter some conditions apply, all men are created equal but lady liberty isn’t blind

I can’t breathe…

Take a knee during the national anthem and you holla it’s unamerican,

Take a knee on the neck of black Americans Mr Policeman we can’t breathe, please please let us up we can’t breathe…

Slip knot around the neck get the camera phones out,

We can’t breathe…
We can’t breathe…
I… Can’t breathe…

The Sweetpea — My Screaming Twenties

Your lessons in abandonment have finally come into use as I forget each day to water the sweetpea hanging from the tree and watch it crisp beneath the sun’s heat, yellowing like teeth. I wonder if you did this too every time you dug your heels in deep and saw her before me, refusing to […]

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Theoretically — writing in north norfolk

We harvested the fruits of muddy shores, watched millions of diamond sparkles on the crests of ocean waves before we turned our eyes to space. It startled us and left us wanting to know more about what lies beyond the darkness, titillated and tempted to explore. Still we must overcome hurdles while our feet are […]

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