A Bite of the Forbidden Fruit (Part IV)

“MORNING DADDY!!” Ava ran out her seat leaping right into my arms. She landed a kiss on my cheek, hugging me tightly as she does just about every morning. Mekhi was in his high chair flinging his arm about waiting for his beautiful mommy to assist in feeding him. This was routine and it never gets old for me. “Lil man you hungry?”

“He eats just as much as his daddy.” Nevaeh turned around from the stove with two plates balanced in her hand, she was already dressed for work in a red silk choker blouse, a black pencil skirt that hugged her curves just right, and black stylish looking heels that gave that ass just a bit more “Damn!”. Nevaeh’s caramel complexion gave off a warm radiance in the morning sun, her deep brown eyes still made butterflies flutter in my stomach. Even after blessing our home with two beautiful children, she still manages to keep that figure right, thick and curvy as the letter C. “Damn, Father you really blessed me.” I thought to myself.

“Daddy I have a bf!” Ava tugged on a stray loc to grab my attention.

“Oh, and what he looks like?” I inquired with a serious but playful stare.

“He’s taallllll like daddy, he’s brooooown like daddy, long haaaaair like daddy, and strong like daddy.”

“Baby girl is it me?”

“Yes! How you know?” she jolted with shock.

“Baby girl never grow up okay, stay tiny and little just for daddy.”

“Of course, daddy!” I placed Ava back down into her seat in front of a steamy warm plate.

I took my seat and Nevaeh sat a plate of that good cooking right in front of me. My mouth was watering, even though my stomach still was a bit uneasy, I was not about to miss out on this southern morning delicacy.

“I’ll be coming home late tonight honey” Nevaeh took a seat between me and Mekhi with her bowl of fruit and oatmeal.

“Third night this month, if I was a jealous man I would take it that you were having an affair with your boss,” I smirked at the thought.

“Please, as if, that youngin still have similar on the breath.” She turned to me with that one eyebrow raised like “Don’t try me”. “Besides there’s no one I rather lay it down with besides you Baby.” She leaned in kissing me on the lips, damn… soft as ever.

“I know Baby same with you.” I smiled.

“I wanna lay with you too daddy,” Ava added.

“Yeeeeeaaaa, you do every time you have bad dream, Baby Girl.”

“Besides little lady, until you learn to use the bathroom properly you will be in your own bed.” Nevaeh included while cleaning Mekhi face of leftover food.

“Awww…” Ava’s lips turned upside down. Apparently, Ava has been wetting the bed recently, she properly had an accident this morning.

“Pssst, Hey! Pssst, mommy wet the bed from time to time.” I whispered.

“No, I don-”

“Wait, think about that before you lie!” I quickly interjected with a tricky grin.

“Omg, That is not the same hush!”

“Mommy, you do?”

“No Baby your father just being foolish.” Nevaeh lifted Mekhi up from his high chair. “Anyway, I need you to finish up and get ready for school Ava.”

“Oooookay,” Ava said with a bit of disappointment. “See you later daddy.” She stood in her chair to kiss me on the cheek. “Have a good day Baby girl” I picked her up hugging her tight; whipping her face of food and returning the kiss. I set Ava down, with no hesitation at all she broke out running into the living room gathering her school bag and the rest of her stuff for the day.

“Okay Baby, I gotta get Mekhi cleaned up for daycare and get Ava to school. I’ll see you later tonight, oh and don’t worry about picking them up; my mother called to have them over for the weekend.” Nevaeh followed behind Ava with Mekhi in her arms.

“Love you too,” I yelled hoping my words caught up to her ear.

Published by

Amir Holloway aka DatGuy

I am a poet, writer, and self-published author of the new Anthology of poems and erotic shorts stories Sex with Luna. A big nerd, but hopeless romantic, I have spent most of my time reading while writing poetry and sensual shorts of my daily adventure in life! Currently, I am working on my first novel Rose Red, Snow White, that's heavily influenced by Zane and Stephen King (My two Favorite authors of all time).

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