A Bite Of the Forbidden Fruit (Part V)

“I know!” her voice echoed from the other room. Shaking my head with a smile I reached for surface pro off the kitchen counter.

It wasn’t long before I heard the hustle and bustle of my little family leaving out the door. They each said they’re bye’s and second Love you’s, even little Mekhi babied something out. The door closed and the house was ghost-quiet, except for the motor and sirens of the busy city life outside. I could even here Nevaeh starting the engine of her 2017 ruby red Subaru Impreza. Before long even the sound of her car became indistinguishable of the urban jungle.

I finished breakfast and cleaned house before getting ready for work myself. I really didn’t have to go as today was one of those obligatory days off given by my Director. But I wanted to drop off some paperwork and make sure all was going well, with a bit of luck I could get in and out without my Director seeing me.

The old man was like the father I never knew, Dr. Kamba, a Nigerian prince that moved to the state years ago, to make a name for himself here in the states outside of the Royal title he’s so known for back in his home. Why Dr. Kamba work as hard as he does I’ll never understand but it’s not too often you meet a medical director from Nigeria who is also of Royalty.

My phone went off, vibrating excessively to a receiving text message.

“Missing you already ” a smile crept across my lips. I hasted not a second longer before replying.

“Missing you more Baby, I hope you have a good day.”

“You too, see you later tonight?”

“Of course, just make sure you check on the kids first, I know a mother’s duty is never done and I’m not trying to have ANY interruptions.”

“Lol, I hear ya na. smh, I’m almost at the office, ttyl.” While getting in my care I ended the text with a heart-eyed emoji. I revved the engine of my 1970 Dodge Charger Tantrum, backing out into the quiet rural suburb.

Published by

Amir Holloway aka DatGuy

I am a poet, writer, and self-published author of the new Anthology of poems and erotic shorts stories Sex with Luna. A big nerd, but hopeless romantic, I have spent most of my time reading while writing poetry and sensual shorts of my daily adventure in life! Currently, I am working on my first novel Rose Red, Snow White, that's heavily influenced by Zane and Stephen King (My two Favorite authors of all time).

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