A Bite Of the Forbidden Fruit (VII)

Nevaeh put her hands to me just the way I like. She held out one hand, palm up, digits stretched. Her hands stroking the full length of my edifice, cradling it like a glorious idol. With her free hand, Nevaeh stroked the top of my dick, from the base to the tip.

Nevaeh caresses me in one direction, each stroke was deliberate and languid, she worked me as if she were petting a pup. She was skilled with the gyration of her hands, evident of her years of practice.

Nevaeh paid close attention to my reaction. The feeling was exquisite; I was extremely aroused and on the edge to burst. The way she continued to stroke me, petting me like a pup, I couldn’t hold it back any longer. The more she worked it, the more intensified my orgasm became. It was a stunning sight to be coming in her palm.

When I was done spurting and I started to soften, Nevaeh took her hand to her mouth, licking her hands clean of my cum. Not a trace of my mess was left, Nevaeh was very thorough.

Nevaeh stood up grabbing Tyus by the hands pulling him over. She then took me by my hand pulling us both onto the bed.

“I’ve waited for this for so long, and now I get to have both of you.” Nevaeh slipped her hand down between Tyus legs fondling him slowly and gently, almost absent-mindedly, as her tongue danced with mines.

Published by

Amir Holloway aka DatGuy

I am a poet, writer, and self-published author of the new Anthology of poems and erotic shorts stories Sex with Luna. A big nerd, but hopeless romantic, I have spent most of my time reading while writing poetry and sensual shorts of my daily adventure in life! Currently, I am working on my first novel Rose Red, Snow White, that's heavily influenced by Zane and Stephen King (My two Favorite authors of all time).

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