Muscle Fatigue (Part II)

I turned Jordan over onto her back so I could return the favor, kissing her lips again, then her neck, her sweet milk chocolate nipples, belly button, and once I made it to her sweet spot I ripped off her panties as if I was tearing into a bag of Hershey kisses. Tying up my locs I spread her legs, throwing them over my shoulder and inhaled deep her candy aroma.

With one long stroke of my tongue, from width to tip, Jordan took deep breaths in chorus with every lick. Once I knew I had her pussy at full attention, I went in on her like a starving beast. I tongued her pussy down as if the world was ending, gripping her by the waist so I could bring my plate closer to my face.

She feverishly played in my locs, undoing them from the quick tie, and my hands reached up to play with her cocoa brown titties.

I could feel her body begin to shake and shutter, screaming and pulling away. Before I knew it, she released a sweet juicy flow down my throat and I savored every drop.

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