We argued,
We argued like lightning and thunder. Tears of pain cascaded down your cheek like droplets of rain streaming down the window pane.
I stood watching you in silent in front of me; your shoulders heavy with emotions. The only sound that could be heard was that of the raging storm outside mirroring the quiet one inside. Though not a word was uttered I could still hear the whisper of your heart,
“Why Can’t you see your wrong?”
“You’re such an asshole!”
How did we get here, why did we get here? A simple discussion turned lovers into rivals. It was never my intent to upset you, and pride made me it’s Prisoner, locked up with no parole. But I know just what to do, just how to usher away these darken cloud.
I ease up behind you, you jerked from my slightest touch, lightning flashes, thunder roaring behind it. I envelop you into my warm embrace, I wanted you to detect the words of my heart like Morse code. The maelstrom storm clouds began to quail themselves.
I planted kisses in the soil of your neck, thunder rumbled, my hands explored down the wonders of your flesh pulling you closer to me.
Lighting fleshed,
I stripped you of your top, fondling your breast through your bra. I seeded more kisses on your neck, a hand between your legs, two fingers kneading the bud of your femininity. You cooed with gratification but I wanted your pleasure flower to bloom more. I peeled down your lower clothing, turned you around resting your back against the window. I gave way to my knees caught in the allure of the sweet scent of your Yoni. I mounted your legs over my shoulders, I dove my tongue deep into your sweet nature. My mind reminisced back to the southern roots from way back when; sitting outside in my grandma’s garden gorging on honeysuckles. My tongue made love to your pussy, dancing around your clit in a tribal heat.
Lighting fleshed,
I played in your Eden, I looked up watching your eyes roll back. Erotic whimpers would escape the folds of your lips; I felt the warm trickle of your cum seep down my chin. Yet I couldn’t stop, greed had overtaken me, I was starved to have more of your nectar. I ate your pussy until I had my fill. I eased your body down, stunned in an orgasmic induced shock. My face was covered in your juices; I sat watching you in silent, the night sky was clear and the moon luminescence gave light to the beauty of what grew from the storm, my Beautiful Lunar flower…


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