-Hidden Messages-

I just long to taste you, to part your lips with my tongue and sip the passionate wine of your femininity until I’m drunk on your love.

I want to be obsessed with you, an addict to the high of your yoni… ugh… drown me in the sweet waters of your oasis. If I die, may my heaven be right back here between your thighs.


Allow me to inscribe into your clit hidden messages of enamored
A tongue written letter detailed and precise down to the grammar.

I thirst for a drink,
Dipping the flesh of my pen into your ink
Be immersed in the thrill of my language skills
Until you know just how distinct every word is
By the end of the message release the flood of your gates,
So, I may partake of the sweet tune that is you…?

Hidden Messages.

Published by

Amir Holloway aka DatGuy

I am a poet, writer, and self-published author of the new Anthology of poems and erotic shorts stories Sex with Luna. A big nerd, but hopeless romantic, I have spent most of my time reading while writing poetry and sensual shorts of my daily adventure in life! Currently, I am working on my first novel Rose Red, Snow White, that's heavily influenced by Zane and Stephen King (My two Favorite authors of all time).

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