Tears In The Rain (Pt. IV)

“Maya come back to bed!” Walter yelled at me from the bedroom. “Big Russel not done yet.”

Yes, the hell we are… I’m done fuckin’, I thought to myself. Russel the wonder muscle, as he called it, had disappointed me for the last time. I didn’t want to go back in that room and let him stick his dick in me. I remember a time I welcomed- no better yet craved his love… But the love he provided wasn’t one that I deserved. The thought of laying with him caused my stomach to do flips; I rubbed it staring at the mirror from different angles.

“Damn you’re stunning…” Walter startled me as he kissed and caressed my shoulders.

“Russel the wonder muscle still need his medicine…” I could feel Walt’s dick poking and rubbing against my ass enthusiastically knocking for entrance. I closed my eyes and pretended that Amir’s erection was yearning for me. I replayed the many nights Amir filled my pussy with his passion and love.

Amir laid me across the bed licking down my spine; he arched my back, spreading my ass cheeks, blowing and licking on my anus; teasing my already wanting body. Amir lived for eating my pussy, burying his face deep; like it was his first and last meal. When I was good and wet, Amir slid his cock deep into my hot box inch by inch, savoring every moment. He fucked me like no other, gripping my hips to control each piston-like thrust. Wet flesh colliding with one another, the mumbles of dirty talk and moans resonated off the walls. I was just about to climax when Walter short winded ass chimed in, ruining it for me.

“UGH! AHHHH!!!!” he pulled out ejaculating all over my derrière.

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