Tears In The Rain (Pt. V)

I cringed. If only Walter could have seen the shameless disappointment on my face as my eyes popped open. Walter hopped up almost breaking his damn neck to go clean himself, leaving his thick semen mess all over my backside.

“There’s trouble back at the office that needs to be seen about,” Walter yelled running the shower.

“I really couldn’t care less” I muttered to myself. Why am I even surprised by Walter’s short performance, my needs were the least of his worries; so long as he got his fucking rocks off, UGH! I guess I’ll ring up “Blaque” to finish the job.

Reaching over to the nightstand, I pulled out my reliable backup stimulator. Once Walter started to leave me unsatisfied, I had to invest in a vibrator to help get me over the threshold. Revisiting my fantasy of Amir, I picked up with him on top of me, planting the most passionate and sensual kisses my lips yearned for. His lips so sweet, so full of love; our tongues danced back and forth, intertwining around each other in a tango of admiration.

My whole body felt as if it had been set ablaze. Amir seeded kisses on each of my full, supple breasts, tending individual care to each stiffen nipple. He even blew around the areola; I sighed in pure satisfaction.

Amir’s lips continued their examination of my breast, his goatee would tickle my sensitive skin, and I just smiled. His tongue made a surprise appearance, circling my belly button he played around with his hands on my breast keeping them entertained.

Just as he was about to continue his exploration of my body, Amir stopped to mouth something to me, but I was so lost in the pleasure I could barely comprehend it. I just smiled with assurance, and he flashed me that cute smooth Idris Elba smile that just made me coo with lust. Amir lifted my legs parting my thighs, that man marveled at the sight of my excited clit. He dove face first without a thought onto this pussy. Amir’s soft, pink tongue slid deep in my secret garden and explored every inch of it. My fingers ran through his nappy dreads as I silently rejoiced with pleasure. Amir situated my legs over his shoulder bending an arm around to aid him in playing with my clit while the other hand found its way to tease my ass. He worked like a pussy eating machine, simultaneously pleasuring me and sending me into a creamy frenzy. I exploded with ecstasy; oozing sweet nectar cascading down his throat.

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