Tears In the Rain (Pt. VIII)

Silhouettes could be seen here and there, two voices in conversation, one Walter’s and the other I was unable to make out because of the television in the background.

An adrenaline rush attacked me as I slinked my way to the side of the house, then to the rear of the house. I was able to peek in through the curtain of the sliding back door, Walter was engaged in a friendly little conversation with someone. I just had to know who the bitch was. I needed to know who it was. Walter stood up and was lead into another room. I clenched my stomach; my chest tightens. A light flicked on in the room across the patio; warm, sensual music could be heard playing.

The curtains were spread apart like a show was about to begin. I could hear the sounds of kissing and clothes dropping to the floor. I stood next to the window preparing my eyes for what my gut already knew. I pulled out my phone getting the camera at the ready. Oh, yes you lying cheating bastard I’m busting that ass with evidence, I needed to capture this betrayal, I needed others to see it, but more importantly, I needed his ass to see. Once I was ready, I turned to the window to witness his infidelity.

“Mhm, gotcha you son of- a…” My thoughts went blank, body in total paralysis. What I saw was… incomprehensible. Frozen I stood there and watched in disbelief as Walter was being pleasured by another… man. My Walter, Walter James Miles, was standing before me getting his dick sucked by a damn MAN! But to add to this sick ass revelation, the man on his knees servicing my Fiancé, was my older step-brother.

A few years back my mom managed to find love with a senior officer after years of being a widow. After missing part of herself for so long, my mother had genuinely found happiness again, with Robert Forton and his 23-year-old son Stanley Forton. Stanley was six-foot even, a proud and avid gym user, with Ginuwine like curls that drove women crazy. Stanly was an aspiring male model that found work at the Pony Show, a unisex strip club. With a large female fan base, the top dollar was paid just to get a five-minute private dance with Stanley. Every year since Robert and my mother married, I made it a tradition to have the family over on New Year’s Eve to enjoy the holiday together. This year was no different; we gathered at the dinner table to share the lovely meal my mom and I whipped up. It was a beautiful spread of collard greens, cabbages, potato salad, and Mama’s sweet cornbread. I even made homemade pecan pie for Walt, his favorite and a butterscotch cheesecake for Stanley.

Published by

Amir Holloway aka DatGuy

I am a poet, writer, and self-published author of the new Anthology of poems and erotic shorts stories Sex with Luna. A big nerd, but hopeless romantic, I have spent most of my time reading while writing poetry and sensual shorts of my daily adventure in life! Currently, I am working on my first novel Rose Red, Snow White, that's heavily influenced by Zane and Stephen King (My two Favorite authors of all time).

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