Tears In The Rain (Pt. V)

I cringed. If only Walter could have seen the shameless disappointment on my face as my eyes popped open. Walter hopped up almost breaking his damn neck to go clean himself, leaving his thick semen mess all over my backside. “There’s trouble back at the office that needs to be seen about,” Walter yelled running [...]

Tears in The Rain

As we stripped down I took in every inch of him; his body was smooth and well defined, an activist of the gym, he dangled a thick juicy dick in front of me like food teasing an animal. I wanted him; I needed him. Without hesitation, I engulfed him greedily into my mouth, constricting my [...]

Dead Angels

She gave life to the wounds of her emotion like Pictionary to get this man to understand, but he was no visionary Just another sorry ass nigga that never gave a fuck, no missionary Friends and Family tried to place her on the cautionary But her feelings kept her in the stationary Caught by the [...]

Daddy Wants

Daddy wants to do it like it’s the first time Play until Day turns into night Daddy's nothing like your last time let's do it by candlelight, As I lick it, I want you to look me in the eye's There's no limit to sexpectation, that's no lie...   He wants to play you Daddy [...]