The Seed

The sun gave light brightly on a cloudy December afternoon in the small city of Columbus, Ga. It's a typically busy Saturday here, more so now as its the post week of Christmas and the very night before New Year’s Eve. People all over are out and about prepping for a night of fun and [...]

Chapter 3 (Final V)

“Well, I don’t mean to take too much of you folk’s is time. My name is Sheriff Walton-” “Walton? As in Alice Walton?” Kassidy interjected. “The same.” “Omg, it’s been ages! Do you remember me?” “Ha! Ha! Ha! As I said before, I know just about everyone around these here parts, and you know different [...]

Chapter 3 (Part III)

Again, a knock could be heard, this time a lot more firm and deliberate. “Baby someone’s at the door.” Kassidy gasp trying to catch her breath. “Let’s ignore it and maybe they’ll go away.” I advocated while kissing her neck.    Knock, knock. Kassidy took my face into her hands, staring me in the eyes, [...]

Chapter 3 (Part II)

“Yea I’m com-,” I opened the door to a snowy woodland scene. “Ing?” There was nobody there. Baffled, I looked left and right in hopes that just maybe I could see who or whatever it was scurrying off. Merely snow and bare trees devoid of their foliage were all I could see. Knock, knock. Just [...]

Chapter 3 (Part I)

Large flakes fall from a colorless chill heaven, a warm glow, the scent of burning wood filled the inner layer of our cabin in the still southern mountains. The scenery was stunning and tranquil, I could almost taste the freshness of the morning crisp air. Through the large glass window, I can view the snow-covered [...]