Chapter 2 – Moonlight, Winter Nights (Final)

“Mmm… she’s soooo sweet.” Kassidy purred between licks; dipping her fingers back into her pussy. “Come feed from me, my King.” I fell to my knees at the edge of the bed, crawling up to her like the proud king of beast.
As the sun begun to set and the temperature dipped, a heat could be felt rising from inside the bedroom. I took hold of her thighs, pulling her close to meet my salivating mouth. I buried my face in her the fruit of her essence, taking my time, I savored every drop of her pussy for until I felt a warm sweet liquid run down my chin. I drank from her ebony chalice until the stars were all out spectating the show.
Once I had my fill of all I could take of her milky sweet, I decided to play with her quivering lotus flowers. Kassidy shuddered from my mere touch, cooing with gratification. Taking hold of her ankles, I drew her closer until she was underneath me, lips again locked with one another.
I placed one of her breast in my mouth, like a child in hunger I sucked on them for dear life.
“Yes, Baby” Kassidy whispered. Coming up for air, I again partook in the zest of her tongue. The swollen muscle between my leg could be felt knocking at her gate. Sailing between the lips of her pussy it became saturated in her sap. Gently I found myself pushing deep into her, filling her with as much of me as she could take. Two kids and countless sexual exploits later, Kassidy was still as snug as ever. Warm and so inviting, the type of shit that made you just want to fall asleep in.
The moon fat and dazzling as its bright glow illuminate the glisten of our sticky sweat of exhaustion. We fucked for hours before succumbing to one another’s arms. The windows were covered in condensation from the heat of our passion.
“Lay on your back” she instructed. I complied turning over.
He was sore and fatigue from the extensive use. I was not even sure if I could get him back in full vigor. Kassidy, even though she too had long reached her limit, still yearn to play some more as she reached down to work him back to life.
Kassidy started sucking me until I was hard again. She straddled me until I was fully immersed inside of her. Kassidy fucked the ever-loving shit out of me until we came in unison, I could hear the howls of a four-legged beast as we exclaimed to the heavens.
Kassidy collapse next to me, I held her close as we fell into a sex caused unconsciousness.

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