Chapter 2 – Moonlight, Winter Nights (Pt. 1)

From the time, it took us to get from the living room to the bedroom Kassidy was all over me. She ripped off my zip-up sweater and then tore the buttons off my shirt as she strips it from my ebony frame. Kassidy paused, her eyes marveled at this body I dedicated to constant spare time, sculpting it, molding it to the apex of health for a male in his 30s. Her hands traced and touched in admiration to this temple she declared hers years ago when she spoke those two spellbind words that sealed our souls together before the eyes of a Divine Being and those close to us. Words that barred us together even after our soma expires, two words, “I do”.

Kassidy seeded kisses into my flesh, she nibbled at my nipples while her hands undid my belt and jeans.

“Baby calm down.” I seized her hands, “No need to rush, it’s just you and me. We have all the time in the world right now.”

Kassidy stopped and gazed into my eyes with such honey. She sashays backward towards the bed, discarding every article of clothing so seductively until she stood forward-facing me; modeling matching Victoria red bra, panty and lace garter belt with black back seam stockings to complement the sexy lingerie.

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