Chapter 2 – Moonlight, Winter Nights (Pt. 2)

The large bay windows served the most beautiful backdrop of the vast scenic lake surrounded by a blanket of snow. Gangs of trees disrobed of their leaves, their branches only held as much snow as their branches could handle. The grey chilly sky overhead did not diminish the art one bit if anything it made this winter scene just that more special.
I dared not blink, for fear of missing even an iota of this splendor. My eyes could not turn away from Kassidy cinnamon complexion. She was perfection, a living walking art, the only evident mark on her was that of caring two children; even they added more grandeur.
“Beauty,” I spoke softly. She bit her bottom lip and started rubbing her pussy through her panties, teasing me for what I’ve long waited for.
“On the bed,” I demanded, grasping firmly at her neck. My tongue traced her lips before plunging between them. “Play with your pussy for me” I whispered.

Kassidy sauntered backward to the bed undoing her bra, “Yes my King” she said with such passion and lust in her breath. Kassidy shed off her panties laying on the bed. Placing pillows underneath herself, she spread her thighs like a flower in bloom. Her hand divided the lips of her lotus, Kassidy bathed her index finger in and out of her pussy. The sight of her exposed fat clit sent my blood rushing like a mountain river. The sun peeked from behind the grays, Kassidy was shrouded by its radiance as she enjoyed herself.  She paused just long enough to lick the sweet nectar from her fingers, beckoning me to share in her pleasure.

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