Chapter 3 (Part III)

Again, a knock could be heard, this time a lot more firm and deliberate.

“Baby someone’s at the door.” Kassidy gasp trying to catch her breath.

“Let’s ignore it and maybe they’ll go away.” I advocated while kissing her neck.

   Knock, knock.

Kassidy took my face into her hands, staring me in the eyes,

“My King, go see who it is and the faster you see who it is, the quicker you can send them on their way, so we can play.” Those hazelnut eyes had a hypnotic allure to them before I could think of a rebuttal she was alright out of the bathroom and out of the bedroom. Those beautiful thick hips swaying here and there underneath her robe.

   Knock, knock.

I glanced out the window next to the front door, from there you could see the driveway. Present was my black Ford coupe and parked behind it a second vehicle. A black SUV loaded down with lights and antennas Sheriff with a star in the rear was decal alongside the doors. Puzzled I glanced back at Kassidy, she, shrugging her shoulders, was even more baffled than I was. Kassidy was loud but not enough to have the law called out on us. The nearest set of neighbors were some miles out down the road. This cabin, hand built by Kassidy grandparents, was the last of its era; sitting at the top of this southern mountain terrain. From here on up belong to the woodland creatures. So, even more, reason the query as to just what could have warranted a visit from the local authorities.

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