Chapter 4: Memories of eyes made of Coal (Part II)

The silence was deafening, not even a creek could be heard. Reaching into the main compartment of my bag I dug out a tiny crystal translucent box. A teeny handled protruded out from the side of it. Using the tip of my thumb and index finger, I wound it until the handle became tight. A sweet melody began to play, Ludwig Van Beethoven Moonlight Sonata, the tune broke the silence, each time the song would stop I would crank the miniscule handle and play the jingle all over again. It was comforting from the quietness, I didn’t feel as,

But you are alone… an Icey chill voice whispered. “Not alone, I am not alone” I chanted to myself. The Snowman was facing the door peering profoundly at me with his dark hardened eyes. I closed mines hoping he would simply go away, back to standing at his post. When I opened them, his cold frosted round body was now in mere breath away from me.

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