The Remedy

Your Sex plays as my remedy

How can I deny it?

Your Sex fucks with my sanity,

This addiction I can’t fight it,

Your Sex serves as my therapy,

Don’t take away this Erotic prescription from me

Your Sex is my clarity,

Sip the Love of your drug from a Styrofoam cup

Not looking for forever, just something momentarily

Poison me with the taste of your lips, not looking for easy, make it rough,

Your sex takes me to Paradise

I’m obsessed with these acts of obscenity

Even if it’s a lie, I want you to make some kind of love to me,

No matter how twisted, feed my soul your lies

Just give me the remedy for the night

I’m devoted to your toxicity,

Rehab is a no,

I hope you know

When I’m sinking in that place so low

It’s your sex that serves as my remedy

This kind of abuse I’ll never let go

I just hope you know, I just hope you know…@Sexwithluna

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