What Lies

Burning water fills my sight blinding me from the light

I can’t cry when the sun is gone because the tears won’t let me see the stars.

Drifting through the galaxy will I ever land on Mars?

The pendulum swings, how far will I sink in the tide of uncertainty?

Washing up on the shores of your lap and still led astray by false emotions.

Such a poison potion, yet I still drink with no commotion, love is what robs me of my health.

Close my eyes and be swept away by not He who rides the pale Horse but Cupid, the real God of Death.

Here again, I stand on the banks of a river of my own reality, it will never get old building these bridges just to get over, so tired is my soul, my heart so cold.

So, stuck on dealing with these beautiful lies, I can’t understand why try?

My spirit tries to keep hope alive, oops my eyes only can see the black and white.

I guess it sees what you show.  What’s the opposite of two? I suppose that’s the only image Imma ever know, a lonely me, a careless you.@sexwithluna


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