Lately I,

Smile, reminiscing out my window

Of cinnamon like Summers, sweet

Visions of how cute it was to watch your hair flow when the wind would blow,

Each strand carelessly in the breeze

As you kissed me slowly down by the riverside,

It was “Love” you supplied to me,

A feeling I never thought I would ever find just more heartbreak and misery

I was a fanatic to the poison you gave me

Drunk off Love for so long

I don’t know how to be sober when it’s gone

Lately I,

Been feeling like a fool

Lips dripping with sin,

It’s no secret anymore

We’ve been down this road before

This bottle half empty,

Another argument of how you see it half full,

We do this all the time

Lately I,

Felt like it was sand in my hands

The moment’s pass

Your clothes repeat memories

Of the things we couldn’t control

We were bound to crash,

Warm Summer nights, now winter cold

Another needle in my skin,

Watch how fast my sleeve stains

Another ink to cover the faded pain, you would think I was an addict to melancholy,

How could I not see?

Buying into the lies you sold me

I invested every penny for your thoughts and still, it wasn’t enough change

We fell apart long before we ever could start

Two hearts with scars ruined by distant hurt that run so deep,

Just who’s sleeping with my worries now?

Lately I,

Keep telling myself I gave you all I could give,

As I cry behind this smile,

You apologize so many time for a love that I had to share,

And I texted you “There’s nothing to forgive, I hope you find joy and bliss”

When in reality, I thought you would come back and say that there’s no other Love you could feel like this

Throwing back these shots is all I can do

All I have are these emotion and drinks mixed,

How could you be so cruel,

I hope what you find is true,

I’m so torn apart,

Crudely stitched together

But I hope you doing well,

I feel so confused

Lately I,


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