Queen’s Seat

The Queen that knows how to ‘OWN” her throne, is one to be revered!

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

The attack of her smacksechoed,hypnotically–chasing his dreams.

As his power rose,he stood elongated–‎bowing hungrily before the Queen.‎Her eyes lowered,‎as his hands traveled within her heat, he erotically measured the ingredients —

becoming amazed by it’s-squeeze.

Parting royaltyas her passions prematurely ,began too seep,

onto the pedestal of his throne,as she made herself at home,anxiously taking a seat..

While ascending unto his unbending,intrigued– her nobility too moan.

Descending–she observed the pleasures of his ways to roam.an expression of widened eyes, as her clincher saddled up tooan already, surprising ride.

So the Queen,againascended slowly, pulling with much seduction,igniting and releasing a firethat could enrage, a combustible pipe’s–eruption.

Just as the pulsating beast gave way, inside her claustrophobic walls,as they caved-in–burying the hatchet, so too speak-whilewrapping tighter,spraying onto…

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