Thinking of You

Flying down that Avenue,
I’m on my way to place these lips on you, no stop
I need to have you in rotation, no stop
Been on face-time, about spending time, Baby you finna get this face time, no stop
I know I should slow it down, but
I just get so impatient, when I start getting these cravings.

Sexual Lovers

All day I’ve been thinking about seeing you naked,
Holding you C.L.O.S.E, we’re not going to make it up the stairs,
Just work me right here in the chair,
I think I might L.O.V.E you but let’s do what secret lovers do
Round and Round, we go rounds
Make you cum with no hands, voila magic,
Work that body with ease, then beat it like a savage.
Walls knocking with the sounds of that baby making music
The neighbors already know about it, so there’s no excuses
The kinky things we do so damn therapeutic.


Flying down that Avenue I’m on my way to do some things to you
all day long I’ve been craving to put this tongue on you, so let us do what kinky lovers do.

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