Forsaken Character Profile – Amnael

Name: Amnael Siegfried (Protagonist)Amnael

Power Type: Dragon Fire

Gender: Male

Birthday: Lomus (Oct.) 16th

Hight: 6’2

Weight: 180lbs

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: White

Skin: Brown

Origin: Jonah


Amnael Siegfried is the main protagonist of Forsaken. He is a Knight of the Order with the power of Dragon Fire, which grants him immense magical control over flames. His main weapon of use is Dragoon, a sword crafted from his soul and magic.



Born in Jonah, Amnael joined the ranks of the Order Knights. The three-person team he was assigned to was comprised of himself, Yunna Brunestud, and their team leader Vicious Delacroix. During their last mission tragedy had struck at the death of Yunna. Vicious blamed Amnael which started Vicious in his search on how to undo her demise. Amnael and Vicious eventually part ways only to be reunited at the Church of Elieoso, where the two clashed with one another in a life or death battle. Vicious had become a rogue and an enemy to The Order. Amnael was charged with Bring him in along with an Order Executioner, Selic Riel.


Personality: Amnael is very laid-back and rebellious. He can be very serious when the situation calls for it, but still maintains an overall arrogant and cocky demeanor. Though he can be lazy and tries to opt out of most of his work, when faced with demon extermination or war, Amnael is very fearless and is quick to step into battle if needed. Amnael has a strong sense of justice, never fighting or killing anything or anyone weaker than himself. Amnael can all ways be counted on to do the right thing, even for strangers.


Amnael enjoys a good fight with those more powerful than him, shown when he restrains himself from using his full potential, but if an opponent can push him to his limits Amnael is quick to unleash the full heat of


As a Knight Amnael is tasked to do a various amount of task for the Order, his primary purpose currently handed down to him by King Justice is to track down Vicious Delacroix.

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