Thoughts of Her 21


“I love how wordplay, turns into foreplay,

Foreplay turns into 50 shades darker than gray,

Lips wetter than a rainy day,

Mental Stimulation, deep affection for the formation of your sentences,

The lure of your temptation,

Your body my new religion,

Your lips the creation, it all started so innocent like Genesis,

Lick the fantasies of my brain,

Drown me in the thoughts of your rain…”

“La Prière de Lune Fleur”

She bleeds emotions and writes her feeling down like ink,
When you meet her, she appears emotionless and cold,
But she’s just drunk off lies and betrayal, It’s an all too familiar drink
You see she just wants to protect what’s left of her soul,
Momma never understood her cries,
Its blood on that man’s hands
A distance memory she bid adieu
It’s so sad but true
No one will ever understand the things this Lunar Flower go through…

She bleeds emotions and writes her feeling down like ink,
Words cut deep, watch as her vitals beat through, she so much more than human
She bares it all on her petals, this flower so translucent,
But the emotions she still bleeds
Each word so surgical as she speaks
Understand that this Flower is only human she’s made mistakes,
She wants something true, so sick and tired of the snakes,
This flower bends but never breaks from the heartaches,
She could give a damn about your complaints,
When her own flesh betrayed her so long ago,
With petals like stone just where the love have gone,


She bleeds emotions and writes her feeling down like ink,
Her heart filled with holes, but the last petal of her soul she’ll never let go
Before you judge there are roots to this flower you’ll never know
What’s left of her innocence she keeps close,
This is a flower that bloomed from the dark side of the moon
No one will ever see the world from her stained view,
Each petal that falls, a new hurt, A flower that never knew earth
A special Rose that grew from the Lunar dirt…

-Hidden Messages-

I just long to taste you, to part your lips with my tongue and sip the passionate wine of your femininity until I’m drunk on your love.

I want to be obsessed with you, an addict to the high of your yoni… ugh… drown me in the sweet waters of your oasis. If I die, may my heaven be right back here between your thighs.


Allow me to inscribe into your clit hidden messages of enamored
A tongue written letter detailed and precise down to the grammar.

I thirst for a drink,
Dipping the flesh of my pen into your ink
Be immersed in the thrill of my language skills
Until you know just how distinct every word is
By the end of the message release the flood of your gates,
So, I may partake of the sweet tune that is you…?

Hidden Messages.

Intergalactic Love note

You were the Moon as I was the night,

I crave for the milky way of your galaxy

We go around and around like satellites,

Taste the X-rated thoughts of your fantasy,

My tongue probes your anatomy,

Hands all over your heavenly constellation,

Drown me, in the gamma of your waves,

Spread your legs and slide your body down on me,

Grip the blanket of these starry sheets

Ride my comet until your body gets weak,

Just a small look of

Our intergalactic love…