Lunar Petal 14

Can you remind me to stay humble? Remind me that this planet has gravity You were the sweetest girl when we were younger, as we got older and older, I understood just how amazing you were to my sanity Your beauty is one of Gods greatest creation, A living sculpture painted with divine colors, Clarity [...]

Lunar Petal 14: The Paradox

She’s the rapid winds of the storm, The earth-rattling roar of the thunder, When you see her coming, sound the alarms, Pray to your savior; find the nearest shelter, I’ll tell you now she’s a powerful force of nature.   She’s the peace on a clear summer night down by the riverside, You cannot claim [...]

Lunar Petal 11: Dead Leaves

Why do I… love Why do I think of suicide…? A Raven that wants to be a dove Steady trying to maintain, I’m drowning in my tears While repetitively doing the same things, I’m bending from our fears No one can fathom the pain, of constantly fighting with my own brain It's agonizing to love when [...]