Muscle Fatigue (Part II)

I turned Jordan over onto her back so I could return the favor, kissing her lips again, then her neck, her sweet milk chocolate nipples, belly button, and once I made it to her sweet spot I ripped off her panties as if I was tearing into a bag of Hershey kisses. Tying up my locs I spread her legs, throwing them over my shoulder and inhaled deep her candy aroma.

With one long stroke of my tongue, from width to tip, Jordan took deep breaths in chorus with every lick. Once I knew I had her pussy at full attention, I went in on her like a starving beast. I tongued her pussy down as if the world was ending, gripping her by the waist so I could bring my plate closer to my face.

She feverishly played in my locs, undoing them from the quick tie, and my hands reached up to play with her cocoa brown titties.

I could feel her body begin to shake and shutter, screaming and pulling away. Before I knew it, she released a sweet juicy flow down my throat and I savored every drop.

Muscle Fatigue (Part I)

One, two, three, keep going… breathe… four, five, six, almost there. Seven, eight, nine, and ten. I have never typically been a big gym addict, but over the past several months, things changed. Kem is my name and compulsive gains are my addiction. Not for health reason, but for the pain, the fatigue; I know weird, right? Since the love of my life, Jordan, walked out on me, I’ve spent the last several months dealing with our break-up.

At first, I couldn’t believe it, the day started like any other. I awoke to Jordan touching and stroking my morning wood with that devilish smile. It wasn’t long before she mounted my legs, spit-shined it and swallowed me whole. That first morning suck revved my engines, my dick grew harder from the sight of her saliva dripping down, glistening like the early morning dew. Jordan made it wet and nasty just the way I like it. Staring up into my eyes, she had me spellbound as she tried to suck my brain through the tip of my swollen head. She wrapped one hand around the shaft moving them in unison with her mouth, while the other hand played with my balls.

I let out an intense groan of pleasure as I ran my fingers through that Halle Berry pixie cut; you know the one from Die Another Day. Jordan suddenly stopped sucking and started licking the drips of spit from around the shaft, using the width of her tongue to play with the under part of my male organ. Jordan sucked and nibbled at my scrotum showing them just as much love and attention as she did the dick. Just when I could feel my excitement point reaching, I sat up and pulled her lips up to mines, caressing the side of her face as our tongue danced in a tango with one another.

A Bite of the Forbidden Fruit (Part VIII, Final)

Nevaeh leaned over and wrapped her lips around the tip of his dick. She then moved her other hand down between my legs working my manhood back to full salute. Once I was back at full-length Nevaeh swung over and mounted me. She pulled down her dress to her waist exposing those beautiful, full brown stacked breast. We began to fuck slow, our eyes were fixed on each other and our gaze never moved; they were locked looking deeply into one another’s eyes while we slowly fucked one another.

You see you can have sex with someone on a physical level but when your eyes are locked together, it’s now taken to a whole other experience shared.

“Fuck me deeper” Nevaeh whispered; she was completely turned on, having him there. She loved it.

I did as I was told and started fucking her deeper and harder. Nevaeh rode my cock head against her g-spot, her pussy squeezed and clenched all along the length of my phallus.

Nevaeh looked over at Tyus and gave him a seductive wink. He wasted not a moment leaning her more forward, Tyus spread her arse and maneuvered the head of his cock at the entrance of her anal canal. Nevaeh wholly herself to him, her pussy tightens from Tyus invasion of her backside, she gave out a deep, pleasure induced moan. Once he was fully seated inside of her, we both begun to toil her body. I knew my baby was dirty but watching her in action was super-hot, Tyus must have felt the same his rhythm was in sync with mines.

Nevaeh was screaming so loud, her body was being I could feel her cumming over, we both pulled out in unison. Nevaeh started squirting and her body rocket into a spasm, her body collapsed onto the bed. She revels in the bliss, touching all over herself. Nevaeh would dip her fingers into her honeypot licking her orgasm off herself.

Nevaeh was ready for more, I crawled between her legs, Tyus kissed and played with her breast. We made long and slow love until the sun greeted our flesh through the window. We all passed out into a deep sleep, only to wake up later to let Tyus out and thank him for the night.

Nevaeh and I return to the bedroom and played a little more until we again passed out. Holding her in my arms I whispered into Nevaeh ear. “I needed you…”

A Bite Of the Forbidden Fruit (VII)

Nevaeh put her hands to me just the way I like. She held out one hand, palm up, digits stretched. Her hands stroking the full length of my edifice, cradling it like a glorious idol. With her free hand, Nevaeh stroked the top of my dick, from the base to the tip.

Nevaeh caresses me in one direction, each stroke was deliberate and languid, she worked me as if she were petting a pup. She was skilled with the gyration of her hands, evident of her years of practice.

Nevaeh paid close attention to my reaction. The feeling was exquisite; I was extremely aroused and on the edge to burst. The way she continued to stroke me, petting me like a pup, I couldn’t hold it back any longer. The more she worked it, the more intensified my orgasm became. It was a stunning sight to be coming in her palm.

When I was done spurting and I started to soften, Nevaeh took her hand to her mouth, licking her hands clean of my cum. Not a trace of my mess was left, Nevaeh was very thorough.

Nevaeh stood up grabbing Tyus by the hands pulling him over. She then took me by my hand pulling us both onto the bed.

“I’ve waited for this for so long, and now I get to have both of you.” Nevaeh slipped her hand down between Tyus legs fondling him slowly and gently, almost absent-mindedly, as her tongue danced with mines.

A Bite Of the Forbidden Fruit (Part VI)

Many Hours Later…

I pulled into the driveway cutting the engine. I smiled twirling the wedding band around my finger, my mind had so many thoughts, so many memories.

All day I’ve been fiending for my Baby’s attention.

I needed her in the worst way, I needed to feel her nails dug in the depths of my flesh as I plunge deep inside of her yoni. I needed her so I can relieve each of my sexual… fixations. Kiss and hold her so sensually as my hands remap the curves of her beautiful deep melanin physique.

I gathered my things getting out the car and heading to the front door. I opened the door, only to have my nostril greeted upon entrance by a sweet and invigorating bouquet. My blood coursed through my veins like mighty river to every muscle in my body.

The room was dim by the soft glow of festive Christmas lights. The air was filled with sweet romantic music seeping from the second floor. As I made my way upstairs, moans could be slightly be heard mix in the slow tempo of the music. A tight feeling emitted from the lower part of my abdominal. I stood at the bedroom door as it was slightly ajar.

My eye’s caught sight of something so taboo. There she was in a tight black dress sitting at the foot of the large king size bed we shared for many nights together. Her head was thrown back in complete bliss, Nevaeh, my beautiful wife, and mother to my children were getting her pussy downright ate out by another man; not just any man but by her boss, Tyus wells.

I watched in utter silence as he dug his tongue deep into the honey pot. Nevaeh cooed and moaned in complete exhilaration her legs crossed behind his head as she tried to nourish him with every drop of her juices.

I could fill something simmering from the depths of my heart. An all too familiar emotion, I’ve been here before, we’ve been here before. Nevaeh vigorously rocked back and forth; she shot up and gave out a shrill of blissful gratification. She held tightly to the back of his head as she came down his throat.

As she started to come down from her orgasmic high; I busted into the room and before she could say anything my hand was around throat. Nevaeh looked into my eyes, Tyus just stepped back face paralyzed at what was happening before him at that moment. My tongue invaded the creases of her lips, her hands fiddled with my pants until she had my fully erect phallus cuffed in the soft palms of her hand.

A Bite Of the Forbidden Fruit (Part V)

“I know!” her voice echoed from the other room. Shaking my head with a smile I reached for surface pro off the kitchen counter.

It wasn’t long before I heard the hustle and bustle of my little family leaving out the door. They each said they’re bye’s and second Love you’s, even little Mekhi babied something out. The door closed and the house was ghost-quiet, except for the motor and sirens of the busy city life outside. I could even here Nevaeh starting the engine of her 2017 ruby red Subaru Impreza. Before long even the sound of her car became indistinguishable of the urban jungle.

I finished breakfast and cleaned house before getting ready for work myself. I really didn’t have to go as today was one of those obligatory days off given by my Director. But I wanted to drop off some paperwork and make sure all was going well, with a bit of luck I could get in and out without my Director seeing me.

The old man was like the father I never knew, Dr. Kamba, a Nigerian prince that moved to the state years ago, to make a name for himself here in the states outside of the Royal title he’s so known for back in his home. Why Dr. Kamba work as hard as he does I’ll never understand but it’s not too often you meet a medical director from Nigeria who is also of Royalty.

My phone went off, vibrating excessively to a receiving text message.

“Missing you already ” a smile crept across my lips. I hasted not a second longer before replying.

“Missing you more Baby, I hope you have a good day.”

“You too, see you later tonight?”

“Of course, just make sure you check on the kids first, I know a mother’s duty is never done and I’m not trying to have ANY interruptions.”

“Lol, I hear ya na. smh, I’m almost at the office, ttyl.” While getting in my care I ended the text with a heart-eyed emoji. I revved the engine of my 1970 Dodge Charger Tantrum, backing out into the quiet rural suburb.

A Bite of the Forbidden Fruit (Part IV)

“MORNING DADDY!!” Ava ran out her seat leaping right into my arms. She landed a kiss on my cheek, hugging me tightly as she does just about every morning. Mekhi was in his high chair flinging his arm about waiting for his beautiful mommy to assist in feeding him. This was routine and it never gets old for me. “Lil man you hungry?”

“He eats just as much as his daddy.” Nevaeh turned around from the stove with two plates balanced in her hand, she was already dressed for work in a red silk choker blouse, a black pencil skirt that hugged her curves just right, and black stylish looking heels that gave that ass just a bit more “Damn!”. Nevaeh’s caramel complexion gave off a warm radiance in the morning sun, her deep brown eyes still made butterflies flutter in my stomach. Even after blessing our home with two beautiful children, she still manages to keep that figure right, thick and curvy as the letter C. “Damn, Father you really blessed me.” I thought to myself.

“Daddy I have a bf!” Ava tugged on a stray loc to grab my attention.

“Oh, and what he looks like?” I inquired with a serious but playful stare.

“He’s taallllll like daddy, he’s brooooown like daddy, long haaaaair like daddy, and strong like daddy.”

“Baby girl is it me?”

“Yes! How you know?” she jolted with shock.

“Baby girl never grow up okay, stay tiny and little just for daddy.”

“Of course, daddy!” I placed Ava back down into her seat in front of a steamy warm plate.

I took my seat and Nevaeh sat a plate of that good cooking right in front of me. My mouth was watering, even though my stomach still was a bit uneasy, I was not about to miss out on this southern morning delicacy.

“I’ll be coming home late tonight honey” Nevaeh took a seat between me and Mekhi with her bowl of fruit and oatmeal.

“Third night this month, if I was a jealous man I would take it that you were having an affair with your boss,” I smirked at the thought.

“Please, as if, that youngin still have similar on the breath.” She turned to me with that one eyebrow raised like “Don’t try me”. “Besides there’s no one I rather lay it down with besides you Baby.” She leaned in kissing me on the lips, damn… soft as ever.

“I know Baby same with you.” I smiled.

“I wanna lay with you too daddy,” Ava added.

“Yeeeeeaaaa, you do every time you have bad dream, Baby Girl.”

“Besides little lady, until you learn to use the bathroom properly you will be in your own bed.” Nevaeh included while cleaning Mekhi face of leftover food.

“Awww…” Ava’s lips turned upside down. Apparently, Ava has been wetting the bed recently, she properly had an accident this morning.

“Pssst, Hey! Pssst, mommy wet the bed from time to time.” I whispered.

“No, I don-”

“Wait, think about that before you lie!” I quickly interjected with a tricky grin.

“Omg, That is not the same hush!”

“Mommy, you do?”

“No Baby your father just being foolish.” Nevaeh lifted Mekhi up from his high chair. “Anyway, I need you to finish up and get ready for school Ava.”

“Oooookay,” Ava said with a bit of disappointment. “See you later daddy.” She stood in her chair to kiss me on the cheek. “Have a good day Baby girl” I picked her up hugging her tight; whipping her face of food and returning the kiss. I set Ava down, with no hesitation at all she broke out running into the living room gathering her school bag and the rest of her stuff for the day.

“Okay Baby, I gotta get Mekhi cleaned up for daycare and get Ava to school. I’ll see you later tonight, oh and don’t worry about picking them up; my mother called to have them over for the weekend.” Nevaeh followed behind Ava with Mekhi in her arms.

“Love you too,” I yelled hoping my words caught up to her ear.

A Bite Of the Forbidden Fruit (Part III)

When I happened across Nevaeh, I couldn’t help but notice a woman so beautiful. She was studying in the campus library for a midterm of the same psyche class I was in. Nevaeh stood at an even five feet, she was an Afrocentric, goddess that brought my childish ways to their knees. I remember bringing her home for the very first time and my mom fell in love with her just as quickly as I did.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” I was married a year in advance before I even got on one knee, she was already sold on her new daughter in law. All Pop’s had to say was “That’s you Boi? Iight now I see ya son. Got taste like ya old man.” All I could do was laugh as we shared a cold one.

We spent that year in complete paradise, of course, we had rough waves but this was a ship I was sailing until Davy Jones locker. Outside of being my wife, she was also the mother to our two seeds of love and passion, Mekhi, now 1, and his big sister Ava, 6.  We were happy, yea happy, simple as that, but… was it really so simple? I started to become stagnant with my life.

“Samir, Baby come down for breakfast!” she called out to me. Quickly, I cleaned up and dignified myself, as I stared into the mirror, fragmented bits of memory flashed across the reflective glass. There was a woman with long starry night hair that flowed down the voluptuous of her warm cinnamon spiced flesh, my hands surveyed every single one of her most sensitive areas, planting kisses marking the spots.

“BABY!” like static the image was disrupted and then gone, I shook my head, splashing water on my face. “She’s so sexy.” I smiled. Even after all these years we still manage to keep things… entertaining.

I proceed downstairs towards the kitchen, the air was filled with the aroma of eggs, bacon, grits, and pancakes, knowing she did them up with the crispy edges my favorite. Southern Breakfast at its finest!

A Bite Of the Forbidden Fruit (Part II)

I awaken to the sounds of Donell Jones playing on my Pandora. Getting out of bed, I put on the nearest pair shorts and staggered to the bathroom. Shit, my lower limbs still ache from the leg workouts from the other day. There was a queasy feeling in my stomach as I tried to brush my teeth without gagging. I began questioning myself, “What the hell did I do last night?” Everything was a blur, a complete foggy daze, this was a clear telling of too much of that brown creature, Hennessey.

I had never typically been into parties, but over the course of the past few years after turning the big twenty-one the nightlife started to become more frequent for me. Drinking with no remorse for the following day, random hook ups, I lived in the present of living life and let future me deal with the repercussion. My college years were pleasurable as hell. Of course, I had my ups and downs in the dating department. One thing I did discover about myself is the fondness of pleasing a woman mentally as well as physically. You see most men are unaware how very relevant it is to “Mentally fuck” a woman. I admit at first I was like most other college brotha’s, I wasn’t out here about catching any feelings, I was just trying to get that pussy at any cost.

I thought this what it meant to be living, yet in reality; It wasn’t until I met this one Sexy Ass Beauty to educate me on what it really means to fall for a real woman. In no time at all, I left those childish ways behind after meeting the love of my life, Nevaeh.

A Bite of the Forbidden Fruit (Part I)

I needed you…

I needed you in the worst way. I needed your nails hidden in the muscles of my back as I plunge deep inside of you; pulsate my nerves as you bite into my shoulders to muffle the sounds of your bliss. Shhh…. In time, everyone will hear about this nasty shit.

I needed to feel the warmth of your soft femininity as I slowly stroke the depths of your wombverse. I needed the saturation of that sticky wetness as it trickles down the inside of my thighs, I needed to be lost in this sexual high. I needed the touch your lips with mines, feel me with a sensation that mimics that of a Lovers Passion. I needed your body pressed against mines, better yet sit atop of me in reverse; allow my hands to journey up the small of your back, take hold of your waist and give me a sense of control as you rock back and forth with rhythmicity.

I needed to holler out your name like a lowly sinner to a deity; bend you over as I cuff you to the headboard, I needed so that arch. Your ass exposed like that of the forbidden fruit of Eden. I gave oral worship, rubbing and kissing each cheek with devotion. I submerged my tongue into your sweet center, I cared not of the reprimand, I knew would receive if caught.  I needed you, I need you, Baby.