Chapter II: The Morning Always Comes….

“Bianca I… love you…” I thought to myself. A line I had recited to myself countless times since our first encounter. Standing in the shower I gazed into Bianca’s cinnamon brown eyes. This had become a routine for us; six months now Bianca and I have been seeing one another in secret. Why you ask? Because Bianca was still with her fiancé. Turns out they did break up but soon after our night of passion, Bianca and Walter had come to a mutual understand and “worked things out”.

Bianca had confessed to me that she didn’t expect us to last this long and that Walter was the first man to ever propose to her and she still loved him. Tch… how could I fight that, I mean they had history but I couldn’t let her go that easy.

After we finished in the shower and dried off, I covered Bianca in a towel and carrying her into the bedroom. Gently I laid Bianca across the bed, taking my time unwrapping her with such delicately, seeding kisses down her beautiful mocha ebony frame.

Taking a bottle of warming cocoa oil, I slowly started massaging Bianca’s body, paying extra attention to her sensitive spots. Once I was done Bianca, slipped on her bra and panties. I held her by the waist pulling her close to me, as my hands roamed up and down her back I smiled to hide my true feelings; instead I let Nelly speak for me as Dilemma played in the background. Bianca grinned casing her arms around my neck, she stood on her tippy toes to kiss me before pulling away to finish getting dressed. The minute Bianca had her black stylish blouse tunic and blue apple bottom jeans on, Usher’s Nice and Slow came on. I held her close from behind while staring out the window, looking out into the Georgia blue sky.

After I placed a kiss on her neck, Bianca turned to me with that beautiful smile that I’ve come to enjoy so much. It was obvious that Bianca was searching for something deep into my eyes, to be honest so was I.

“I love you Amir,” Bianca said caressing the side of my face. Was this it? Is this what I was searching for, to feel Bianca’s love outside of physical pleasure?

“Bianca…” my hands moved gradually up Bianca’s neck cupping her head into my hands,

“Do you love me enough to leave him?” Pulling me down for another kiss, then gazing deep into my eyes for reinsurance Bianca answered,

“Yes…” Bianca smiled. I held her tight excited from her response, my body was completely warm from joy. We kissed long and hard, it felt never ending, but sadly like all things reality hit and it did, Bianca flash me another one of her crooked smiles then headed out the front door.

All day during class and work all I could do was think of Bianca. Months now I wanted her away from that asshole, Bianca wasted her love on Walter for so long it was a damn shame.

Walter J. Miles, a man that made it a habit of making Bianca cry. She knew of his countless affairs with other women but stuck it out with him still, and for the life of me I couldn’t understand why. Was it his looks? Walter was a handsome devil, women all over fall for his young Terrence Howard image, you know the one from “The Best Man”. Maybe it was the fact he was a shinning prominent up and coming lawyer, or perhaps it was the secret meetings we’ve been having, some kind poetic justice feel. Whatever it might have been, had Bianca hooked, but I guess all that didn’t matter now that she was leaving him to be with me and that’s all that counts. No longer will I have to see her cry or hurt anymore from this man’s dirt.

A few days later after our last meet, I received a text from Bianca.

“Hey can I come stay with u 2nite? Walter is out with another 1 {:P-Lovin-mi-lil-secret -q:} ”

“Sure,” I replied, though it’s no surprise that Walter would be out leaving her alone.

“Great we can do sum cooking 2gether. {:P-Lovin-mi-lil-secret -q:}”

“Sounds great too me ;)”

“Good {:P-Lovin-mi-lil-secret -q:}”

Later that evening I had everything set up for my Baby. I awaited her with much anticipation thinking that now she was all mines, knowing that she no longer was with that fucker.

It was a little after six p.m. when my doorbell rang. No matter how many times I answered the door knowing it was Bianca on the other side my heart still pounded through my chest. When I answer the door my heart felt like it was going to explode from excitement. Bianca was gorgeous even though it was casual, she looked so damn stunning, a black and pink hoodie with a tank top underneath, tight blue jean that hugged her full moon of an ass, and to pull it all together she wore black wrap platform heels. I couldn’t restrain myself I took Bianca by the hands and pulled her in for a slow sensual kiss. Something… something was wrong… I could taste it on her lips, I guided Bianca in, for some reason she couldn’t look me in the eyes.

“So I didn’t have any real idea on what we could make together,” I followed Bianca into the kitchen.


“I didn’t know what you had already— oh you have some vegetables I guess we could make a salad.” Bianca reached into the fridge grabbing the iceberg lettuce.

“Bianca did you-”

“I’m sorry Amir I’m over jumping the guns, what did you have in mind for a main dish?” I didn’t… I couldn’t respond, I just stared at Bianca with her back turned to me. There was something heavy attached to her shoulders,



“Did you?”


“DID… you?”

“No…” There was a moment of silence, it felt like a memorial service was being held, I guess in away there was one. The swirling storm of emotion that raged inside of me sent rumbles throughout my body.

“Amir… Baby?” Bianca cried out turned around to me disappearing into the other room. I didn’t answer back, fuck it why should I? “Don’t go back in there” I told myself. I headed into the bedroom slamming the door behind me; I couldn’t bare to see her right now, after all I’ve done for Bianca she still wanted to be with Him, seriously what the fuck?

All I could do was replay the last six months I had with her, what was I doing sleeping with another man’s woman? Clearly I’m just a fucking jump to her, Walter is the main nigga and I’m just the side thang. I had a bottle of Francois de Rozay chilling in a bucket of ice near the bed in celebration of when she broke it off with Walt and sanctioned our union, that’s a dead cause now… still why let it go to waste I said chugging straight from the bottle. After downing the vintage bottle, my thirst still unsatisfied, a gaping hole was in my chest and it had to be filled. Reaching down into the mini fridge and grabbed a bottle of Everclear taking it directly to the head.

I couldn’t stand it not having Bianca all to myself; even now if she didn’t leave Bianca was in my crib while that nigga is up in another female. Is that what Bianca wanted for the rest of her life? A cheating man, shit seriously what is with women huh? When you have a half way decent brotha somehow you still fall for Mr. Wrong. I hear it all the time; hell I see it all the time! Women complain that all men are no good and how they’re ready to give up on the male race. Wrong! The raggedy nigga’s you fucking choose are no good! Don’t keep lumping all of us in your poor choices when it comes to picking dick.

As I gulp down the spirit of burning water, projections of Bianca and Walt making love began to play on my wall, seeing them in such an intimate way enraged me! It pissed me off so much that slung the bottle smashing it against the wall. That did nothing but distorted the images in the alcohol, the rage boiling in me was unsettled quickly I got up stumbling over with every ounce of my hatred I rammed my fist into the wall. Fluid dripped down to the carpet, a bloody dent was all that was left if the aftermath, I did more damaged to myself than the wall, but Damn how I wanted it to be Walter. “Calm down…” I told myself relaxing back on the bed. Reaching back into the fridge I pulled out a flask.

After hours if agonizing over the hurt and betrayal, I tried to pull myself together. “Clean it up…” staggering back to my feet I managed to clean up the glass. My hand was mangled up a little bit from punching the wall but I could care less of the pain, nothing hurt worse than my heart right now. I was able to pick up just about every piece of glass off the floor tossing it all into the bathroom trash can.

After spending what seems like hours in my room hunger started to set in, I figured Bianca had left already, besides I had left my cell phone in the living room maybe she texted me, then again maybe not, who cares. Carrying the flask of whiskey I exited the room and entered into the living room where Bianca was sleeping curled up on the sofa with one of my shirts I had left lying around. From the dampened spots on the shirt I could tell she had been crying, I wonder why? What reason could she have to cry for, better question why in the hell was she still here? After hearing all that noise from the bedroom I thought she might have been frighten off by now. Bianca slowly woke from her sleep to see me towering over her; I guess she could feel my eyes scanning over her.

“Get up,” I said walking away tossing the flask back again. Minutes later Bianca came into my bedroom, shirtless as I sat in a recliner across from the bed. If she wanted a boy toy than I’m going to treat her accordingly.

“Take’em off,” I ordered.

“Amir, please… Baby you just don’t understand…”

I shrugged at her excuses, never have I been so cold towards Bianca but my heart was an arctic tundra right now,

“Two choices,” I said finishing the rest of the brown creature.

“Do as I say or you can see your way out.” Bianca glared at me with a scolding gaze, but I could care less mirroring the stare back. Bianca unzipped the hoodie yanking it off throwing it at me, she bent down not once taking her eyes off me, to take off her heels.
As Bianca stood there before me I become aware of something… I could see what she’s truly been caring this whole time, “Are you happy? Well are you?” my conscience taunted me. “You’re no different from him playboy.” No… no I’m nothing like Him, I love Bianca I would never hurt her. “Oh yea? Are you sure about that? Look at her… look deep into her eyes… look at the marks on her body.” I didn’t know! “But did you ever think to take the time to ask or consider the risks she could be taking for you?” Stop it you don’t understand, “That’s exactly what she said but you just blew her off.” Why didn’t she just tell me? “Maybe she wanted to, or simply she was without words.” The coldness in my heart vanished instead I was left with a sick disgusted feeling in my stomach. I got up to hold Bianca,

“Sit!” She commanded with a small tremble in her voice.

“You wanted a whore then I’ma give her to ya.” I wanted to stop her but I knew this was my doing, I brought all this on. After removing her jeans Bianca stepped up on the recliner, straddling me. Lifting her wife beater over and tossing it, Bianca stroked her hands down her beautiful stomach down into her panties fingering herself.

“You wanna fuck this pretty little pussy?” she said rubbing her moist soaked fingers across my lips. I grabbed Bianca’s hand placing it on my chest,

“I’m sorry Baby, you’re more to me than that.”

“Yea right…” It was obvious that her heart was completely broken, she was just as sickened as I was, and she probably sees me no different than Walter.

“Bianca I’m sorry,” I sat up holding her tight kissing her bruised shoulders and aching neck. I caressed her hips and waist, she was so frail that she jerked from every slight touch.

“That fucker… I’m gonna kill him.” Anger bubbled inside me like a cauldron, as I held my baby close.

“Then who’ll soothe me?” Bianca’s tears streamed down my shoulders. I stood up holding Bianca in my arms, gently I laid her across the bed placing kisses on each tender bruise. It pained me so much to see my Bianca like this,

“I don’t ever want to hurt you Bianca, never again.”

“I believe you Amir and only you.” Bianca said pulling me on top of her. We stared into each other eyes, Bianca could feel my enraged dick swelling from inside my jeans.

“I need you, I need your love right now.” I hesitated no sliding off my jeans and under armor, she wiggled off her panties. I paid homage to this abused ebony goddess’ body with soft kisses starting with her toes working my way up her legs, to the inside of her thighs. My lips traveled deeper north until I was French kissing her sacred lips. As I tongued her down I used my thumb to circle around her ass enhancing the pleasure, Bianca tasted so divine. I cringed from the pleasure, her legs wrapping around my head, I worked my tongue on Bianca’s sweet spot over and over until she creamed with sweetness.

“I wanna feel you in me.” She whispered. I gave into my Baby’s wants; kissing her I sat Bianca up having her straddle me, wrapping her sexy caramel legs around my waist. I eased her on down my swollen man hood, Donell Jones Do you wanna played in my head. It was the perfect rhythm for me to make love to. Each stroke was slow and deep, I wanted her to feel every part of me, and tonight I wanted to show my Baby how much I adore her. I wanted to ride her into ecstasy, my hands sliding up and down her spine. I wanted to lose control but not yet, no not just yet, Bianca needed more sensual healing to erase the pain that he had inflicted on her. My only desire was to ease Bianca’s body inch by long thick hard inch; touch by heated touch, and kiss by silky kiss. As passionately as I could, I revved deeper and deeper into my Baby, she rolled me over mounting me; Bianca saddled herself on top of me galloping on like a thoroughbred. Bianca rode me until she reached that first climax, she sat lax and motionless on top of me.

“More… I want more,” she cooed into my ear. I eased Bianca down on her side snuggling up from behind; positioning myself to enter her from the rear giving the pleasure my Bianca needed. While kissing her on her marked neck and caressing down her battered sides, I gave Bianca every inch of my love with delicate care to her body. That night we gave each other all of our love until we came to a blissful sleep in one another’s arms, just before closing our eyes Bianca confessed to me that the only time she felt safe was right here, in my arms.

When the morning came I awoke with my arms unoccupied.

“Bianca?” I called out. No reply, just a still quietness. “She’s gone you know,” I got up searching throughout the apartment calling out Bianca’s name. “Turn around… Turn around… go back into the bedroom and check the nightstand.” Usher Without You began to play on the radio as I reentered back into my bedroom. Right on the nightstand was a letter with my name written in Bianca’s hand writing. “She’s gone you know,” No Bianca couldn’t have went back to him, she just couldn’t have, this letter is probably to let me know she went to the store or something. Shaken I unfolded the letter taking a seat on the side of the bed,


Last night you healed me in more ways than you could ever imagine, thank you, thank you so much. You taught me that I’m not strong enough yet on my own, Walt is tied to me in a way you may never know and until I can deal with a way to break the ties I can’t continue to hurt you like I did last night… So I gotta say goodbye. I can’t handle causing you so much pain I know I’ve unknowingly caused you these past few months.

Amir you are the only ray of light that God has blessed me with in my time of darkness and I don’t wanna corrupt that light. Thank you for sharing your life and love with me, the memories that we shared will stay with me in my heart forever. You and you alone have unfailing showed me what it means for a man to truly care for and cherish a woman.

I love you Amir, please understand that this isn’t forever, I know our paths will meet again. Remember the Morning always comes from the night.

This was Bianca’s true feelings; it wasn’t easy for her to write this from the evidence of dried tears that covered the letter here and there. She truly was gone, Bianca had walked out my life entirely and the only thing I had left of her was the lingering smell of her in my sheets and this letter. I broke down dropping the letter, sinking my face into my hands trying to fight back the tears. Does the morning truly always come?

The Storm Rider

The Storm Rider

Droplets of rain cascaded down the window like tears, the sun hid behind dark gray clouds holding its warm light secret. A foggy mist veil the windshield, the wipers pacing back and forth like pendulums. The soft mummers of R&B could be heard along with the whispers of moans and groans. The seats were wet with sweat, the closed space made the intimacy much more exhilarating.

Our lips locked and our tongue preformed an age old ritual; my hands explored up and down your body, a faint laugh escapes your lips as I nibble and lick on your neck. I traced a trail with my tongue from your neck down to your areolas and down the middle of your chest to your belly button. I lifted your legs tasting your thighs and planting soft kisses on your knees. I took the thickness of my tongues and lapped up each drop of sweet honey nectar that seeped out of your pretty pink pussy.

I worked my tongue to the sounds of your breaths, inscribing hidden messages onto your clit. You gripped the door handle in trance with the pleasure, the noises you purr, the pitted patter hums of the rain and the whispers of Silk “Freak Me” made for such natural music.

As I came up for air my gaze could tell you what was next, my mouth didn’t have to utter a word as we maneuvered in the small space that you could climb on top of my face in the sixty-nine position. I felt your tongue make long circular strokes around the shaft, devouring every inch; taking my balls gently into your mouth, you placed lustful kisses up and down my dick working it like no other woman has ever shown

I operated my tongue up and down your clit with a desire no other man has shown. You and I devoured each other until we were both completely exhausted, we sucked on each other for a long time, Marcus Houston “Naked” serenaded as we both reached that final climaxed. Your pussy was swollen, and my dick had that tender soreness that you only get when you nut to many times in one session.

Lightning flashed and the distant claps of thunder rumbled the car, the skies begged for more and that’s just what we was going to do. Seating up you straddled me, I kissed and suckled your breast stopping for a moment lifting my lips from your nipples. I watched as your nipples shivers in the air. I blew gentle puffs of air drying the moisture from around them watching your nipples harden like diamonds. Your pussy teased me as you gyrated your dripping wet pussy over the head of my dick. Without warning you dropped your down taking every inch, you smack the back window from excitement, the intensity was unparalleled as you glided up and down your creamy juices coated my dick, as the rain continues outside a cool breeze invaded our private haven. I surrendered to your glorious pussy, my hands taking hold of your ass controlling the motions. I sneak a finger into your rectum increasing the motion of your hot contracting pussy.

You rode me until the storm quelled, fucking until we hit orgasm on top of orgasm. You rested your head on my shoulders, my dick limped between your legs still dripping cum down your thighs and your pussy oozing honey cream down my thighs soaking my seat and nuts. I ran my hands up and down your sides, playing with your hair as the sun rays tried to peer through the foggy veil of the car.

Chapter I: Kiss Lands

          I could see her hazel brown eyes watching me from afar, stalking me; taking in every moment like a predator studying its prey. Lolita Bianca saunter over, never unlocking her eyes from mines, she grabbed my hand pulling me over to the bed pushing me down onto it. I could hear the cold night wind whipping at the window as if a lustful spectator wanted to partake in on the show. 

          Bianca stepped backward taking her time easing herself down in a chair, she utter not a word as she engaged into caressing her smooth tantalizing frame. Bianca was like flames dancing a wild, sultry tribal ritual. She licked her middle finger tracing it down to those supple brown nibbles, my dick stood like a shuttle ready to take off. Her smile broadened across her marbled beauty; Bianca found great joy arousing me, spreading her legs like curtains as if a show was about to begin and her pussy the leading light.

          Bianca let out a slight gasp as she slid her finger in and out, Bianca was so wet it sounded like she was stirring a hot bowl oatmeal and from the smell of its intoxicating aroma strawberry cinnamon at that. From the way she bit her lips it was clear Bianca found pleasure in the fact that I could hear her pussy calling out for attention. I felt duty-bound to answer its cries, but Bianca extended her leg out halting me from getting up. The moist suction sounds was driving me crazy, I felt tortured, my tongue wanted so badly to devour her sweet lower lips. I felt like a leashed animal ready to pounce upon her body.

          Lolita’s tongue swayed side to side between her sexy rose petals like lips as she moved her feet down to my bulging mound. Bianca eye’s had such a fiendish look to them, they whispered to see what I was restricting in my jeans; I unzipped my pants slowly pulling out my engorged cock. Lolita moved her leg and sat up taking her pussy soaked fingers into her mouth savoring herself, “Mmmm” she moaned expressing how good she taste. Lolita crawled on top of me, kissing my lips so passionately; I experience the flavors of her honeyed Eden that lingered on her pallets.

          I intertwined my fingers throughout Bianca’s hair pulling her head to the side exposing her warm caramel neck; like a starved beast I could no longer fight the urges, I sunk my fangs into Lolita’s neck, biting just hard enough to sense the waves of rushing ecstasy. I could feel her body quiver with every passing second as my bite tighten. Bianca slid down my throbbing dick, she was so damp and warm that my grip loosened from sheer amazement. Bianca sat up pulling away from my reach, even going so far as to place her hands on my chest preventing me from sitting back up. Lolita straddled me, grinding back and forth getting my man hood nice and situated inside of her. Bianca leaned forward, hands still positioned on my chest, back arched; Bianca started bouncing her ass up and down in a circular rhythm. Lolita had the perfect hip motions, she had nothing more than her lower half moving, the more she got into it I could feel myself ready to erupt already. Bianca started groaning my name, I close my eyes giving into the pleasure,

          “Amir… Amir… AMIR!!!” I quickly snapped back to reality, shattering out of my dream. Jesse Kenway, my roommate and longtime brother had found me still in bed, sleeping away unaware of the fantasy he had so rudely interrupted.

          “Come on Bro time to get up… You’re gonna be late for class.” 

          If he could have only woken me thirty minutes later; that was the closest I could ever get to Lolita. It was odd enough to dream of someone I thought I had forgotten a long time ago, I haven’t seen Lolita Bianca in years. The last I heard she was engaged to some high profiler dude; Damn I always wished the one to take Bianca’s hand in matrimony would be me. It was a crazy random wild dream, just a fantasy long since unfulfilled of an unattainable Holy Grail I guess.

          My day went by sort of quick and class was somewhat enjoyable, although over and over Lolita kelp popping up in my mind, distracting me from whatever the professor was teaching. After class was over I decided to have launch at this nice little Caribbean restaurant down the street from the college. It wasn’t very busy inside just few familiar faces from the school here and there; I sat near the back in a quiet little booth in the corner by the window. I picked up the menu that was laid out on the table and started staring down trying to figure out what I wanted,

          “Amir? Amir Holloway is that you?” a familiar voice resonated in my ears, without a thought I looked up. Instantaneously my heart started pumping like the piston of formula one going full speed, every muscle in my body tightened, I was beginning to have problems inhaling and exhaling. Never in a thousand years did I think I would see her especially as my waiter at some restaurant but by God she was standing right in front of me with all 5’5” of her unattainable beauty of my younger youth; Lolita Bianca. Why the hell is she here? Isn’t she supposed to be married to some awesome high end guy somewhere? Damn it speak Amir… Come on say something DAMN YOU!! 

          “Ahh… Um… Hey you?” smooth real fucking smooth.

          “What you don’t remember me? We attended middle and high school together.”  Of course you remember her already, this is the woman that has infected every one of your dreams since the seventh grade, go ahead talk, acknowledge her already.

          “Is this a bad time? Look if you need more time I can come back, I didn’t mean to bother you. I just thought you would remember an old classmate.”

       Oh for the love of God Amir if you don’t say something you’re officially a dumb fuck, NOW SPEAK!

          “I-I would like some sweet tea please…” Lolita’s eyes grew wide than narrowed as she wrote in her note pad.

         “One Sweet tea coming up.” She smiled walking away.

      Sigh… Story of my life.  I slapped myself in the forehead. If it was anybody else I could conversant perfectly. So why? Why is it with her I revert back to that nerdy, shy little boy from way back then? Lolita was always so sexy and nice that I lose all control of myself like an idiot.

         “Okay here we go one glass of sweet tea.” I quickly opened my eyes, straightening myself out, as I smiled taking the drink.

        “Ahem… T-thanks” I nervously smile, it was hard to make eye contact I was too damn embarrassed to do so.  

        “So are you ready to make your order?” forcibly like a child trying to stare up at the sun my eyes took to her splendor. Lolita had a dazzling crooked smile, biting her lower lips, it was one of her many features that set her apart from other girls. Bianca smiled as if she knew something I didn’t. Oddly enough I begun to feel a strange type of ease around her now, maybe I was over thinking things?

        I glimpse over the menu again than back at her, I was curious as to what she was hiding. That crooked smile… that crooked smile while biting her lower lips held a secret.

       “You know what why don’t you sit with me and let’s catch up?” I offered. Lolita thought about it for a second while looking around,

       “EMILIO I’M GOING ON A 30!” Lolita smiled occupying the space in front of me across the table.

     We spent hours catching up, we even shared a meal together. Lolita had updated me that her and her fiancé broke up some time ago, calling off the wedding. If it was anytime to capitalize it was now, no longer will I be that shy geeky kid, I’ve come too far and changed so much. I could actually have Lolita Bianca to myself! When her break was just about up we exchanged numbers so that way we could keep in touch, maybe even take the time to meet up and do something together.


          That night I couldn’t retrain myself; I waited so long to have the numeric code that would connect me to Bianca telephonically, this was a long awaited achievement. Once enough time had passed; I texted Lolita around 8:10 p.m.  Damn… to wait for a response seemed like forever, to be honest I didn’t think she would text back; maybe somewhere deep down inside I felt as if this was all make believe, just another one of my famous Bianca and Amir together forever dreams. As 8:11 hit a text message came through my phone breaking me away from my thoughts. It was Bianca, holy shit she actually texted me back, Lolita Bianca was really texting me, my heart started to pump at a million miles per hour again.

         Hey was just thinking of u… was wondering wat you was up 2?

         Enjoyed catching up 2day!!! Nd I’m not doing anything just got off work. [iUsed To Be The Sweetest GiRL Ever]

         Yea same here. So wat’s ur plans 4 da nite nw dat ur off?

         [iUsed To Be The Sweetest GiRL Ever]

         Nun much, probably chill @ home, watch a movie, Facebook, then pass out somewhere. [iUsed To Be The Sweetest GiRL Ever]

         Sounds boring alil lol!

          It is! Lol it’s the same routine just abt every nite after work. [iUsed To Be The Sweetest GiRL Ever]

          Well here’s a shot N the dark…. If u want I could come over nd we could watch a movie 2gether? No funny business just 2 friends hanging out I promise.

         How could I make a promise like that? If Bianca’s skin has any contact with mines I might lose all chivalry. Her response was longer this time, shit did I fuck up and ask too soon to hang-out one on one? Five to six minutes later Bianca finally text me back, I held my breath taking my time glancing at the simple reply.

         Sure [iUsed To Be The Sweetest GiRL Ever]

          I jumped up out of bed and right into the shower. I scrubbed every inch of myself as if I was being put up for an auction, even going as far to scrub my body five times with my wash cloth and another twenty times with my Axe Detailer shower tool. After the shower I brush my teeth multiple times and gargled with Listerine at least four times. Once I was ready, I texted Bianca for the directions to her apartment. It took me no less than twenty minutes to find the place. I stood outside of Bianca’s door, Lolita Bianca’s door, was this for real? My muscles tightened up yet again as I knocked on the door. With every passing second I wanted to turn around, the little nerdy shy boy from middle school wanted to run away so bad, but the man in me that desired her so much wanted to stay.

         When Bianca finally opened the door I was hit with a sense of déjà vu. She posed in the door frame wearing nothing more than a wife beater with no bra, and a sexy pair of boy shorts. The little nerdy boy could no longer be heard, only the burning desire for this woman body remained. Bianca reached her arms out for a hug, I gladly accepted it leaning in to embrace her silky mocha, honey brown skin. The touch from her frame sent waves of wants and needs that rustled the cage holding the sexual beast from within. When we pulled away from each other we locked eyes for a split second, I was hypnotized by Bianca’s beauty; her almond-hazel brown eyes alone shook my core.

        As Bianca let me in, I felt as if I stepped into another realm, where it would just be us two for all eternity.

       “So this is your place?” I asked Bianca as I looked around.

       “Yep, you can have a seat on the couch if you want, no need to stand around.” Bianca said walking into the kitchen. I took her up on her offer taking a seat on the couch, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t still a little nervous. Bianca returned with some snacks and then sauntered her way over to the entertainment center popping in the DVD, Love and Basketball an urban classic. When she bent over to place the movie in her shorts hugged her ass so perfectly. Oh how I wanted to take sweet bites out of each cheeks. Shifting my stare elsewhere when she turned around Bianca walked over towards the couch and sat right next to me. Bianca curled up close to me, her soft brown hair rested upon my chest; I had to control my heart beat I didn’t want her to hear my heart thumping like an Congo drum. I really placed my damn self in the friend zone at this point.

         We sat for hours enjoying the movie, we even had small chatter here and there about one another, and before I knew somehow we started joking about sex and what I could do to please a woman. When the movie finally ended Bianca jumped up heading back into the kitchen. I needed to stretch out my legs so I followed her carrying the dishes. As I watched Bianca do the dishes I was turned on by her perfect frame all over again, I saw a single strain of hair on her neck and couldn’t help myself, caressing it to the side.

          Bianca continued doing the dishes unaffected by my touch, I decided to take it further by leaning in and inhaling the aroma from her neck. So perfect, so warm, so tantalizing it was just too damn unbearable; I couldn’t hold back anymore. My fangs grasped deep into Bianca’s neck, startled Bianca dropped a dish in the sink and from the sound of whatever it was it shattered on impact. I could feel the blood in Bianca’s veins rush as she let out a slight groan, caressing my hands underneath her chin I adjust Bianca’s head more over so I could grip her tighter. Bianca moaned and whimpered with excitement, she was grinding her body back wanting to escape my clutches, but I was too hungry for this I had to have Bianca now. Biting turned to kissing and touching turned to caressing; I whispered into Bianca’s ear words I’ve long to tell her for years,

          “I’ve always wanted you, I just wanna… I just wanna…” I spun Bianca around and without another word I pressed my lips against hers. Bianca resisted for a second and just as I was about to pull away I felt her relax, giving into the pleasure. It was better than any dream I could ever come up with. Bianca’s lips were softer and sweeter than I could imagine. I felt her tongue knocking at my lips, my mouth welcomed her blissfully. I peeled off her wife beater squeezing her perfect brown breast, placing special attention to each one. I lifted Bianca up with ease, her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms clinched around my neck. As our lips interlock I carried Bianca over to the kitchen table, I sat her down gently and pulled up a chair gently removing her shorts, a honeyed bouquet filled my nose; spreading her legs I prepared to partake in a most wondrous of meals.


          I closed my eyes and reveled into the intoxication of her luscious pussy. I wanted to take this woman to nirvana, I didn’t want to leave tonight without her satisfaction. I was starved for her passion. Placing Bianca’s leg over my shoulders I dove into her sex, Bianca started losing herself into the ecstasy, my eyes traveling up the landscape of her mocha ebony frame. I saw that Bianca tongue slitter across her lips like a snake, she was enjoying the sensation enveloping over her. Bianca gripped the back of my head grinding her pussy to my lips. Coming up for air Bianca lifted my shirt off, her hands traced down my chocolate chest.

          “You’ve come a long way since middle school.” She smiled seductively.

          “And so have you.” Bianca got up off the table taking my hand and guiding me to her bedroom.

           Bianca sat me on the bed crawling on top of me trailing her tongue up my chest, nibbling onto my broad shoulders. I moan with pain and pleasure as she bit hard as hell into my shoulder, I returned the act with me digging my teeth back into her neck. Bianca commenced grinding her warm, moist crotch against my confined cock. Bianca saw into my eyes that I was turned on by the wet volcano that was erupting inside of her. She undid my zipper and slid my pants off, Bianca crept on the bed straddling me reverse cowgirl. I rubbed my dick between the lips of her pussy teasing the hell out of her. Once I was soaked with her pussy nectar I slid my cock deep inside of her walls, a euphoria like no other shrouded throughout our whole beings. Back, forth, back, forth, we had a rhythm of passion, our bodies were in perfect sync with each other, like two long time dance partners. I arched her back more so that her ass was just the way I liked it. 

      I placed Bianca on her back, folding her legs over my shoulders so I hit nothing but pussy pounding deep. I slow down releasing her legs so they could make their way around me. I wasn’t gonna cum just yet, it was vital I took my time, necking Bianca I slid in and out of her so smoothly. Bianca flipped me over straddling me once more, she gyrated it real nice and slow, letting me feel every inch of her walls with my man hood. Bianca and I played like that all night long until the morning sunlight filled the room, tired and full with pleasure we stared into each other eyes.

         “Amir you know what?” She asked rubbing her hands up and down my chest.

         “What?” I inquired.

         “I was checking you out ever since I saw you first step in the restaurant, and last night you was going on and on about what you could do for a girl that I just had to see if you was all talk.” Bianca smiled. I laughed holding her, kissing her passionately, I pulled back the covers starting up for another round.