A Letter to my Child

To my Child,

They will come for you,

Those human like you, but curse you with forked tongues

they will come for you.

They will rob you of your heart and ask for you to smile

As one who they’ve tried to steal from, they will come for what cannot be taken, only given.

Protect the magic of your Mother and hold tight the strength of your Father because you are the some of their Love

They will come for you my child because you are different; a growing light in the dark

They will do all they can to dim you, devils’ shelter from anything bright.

But remember you are love, and though they might battle you with hate, their power shatters from the power of Love.

My child they will come for you, so keep your gifts close.

They will tell you that you are just one of a million, a tiny light in the black, but they do not see the universe you hold, and what they do not see shall blind them, they will come for you.

But though they come, let them and know even when I’m not in view.

My child

I’ll always be there for you.

©Kwamè “Amir” H.



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