Lunar Goddess

Excuses me Mrs. I don’t know if you needed to hear this but

I know Life can get out of control

Dealing with stress and negative energy

And sometimes it feels like that people only see it through a telescope;

No, you don’t know me, but I do know you,

Hardworking woman.

No, no, you don’t know me, but I do know you,

Self-sacrificing woman.

Mother of these lands.

You see I’ve never seen God

But this has to be close,

Such a beautiful mind, I can see the moon in your eyes

Even the universe has its flaws

Beautiful Black Queen you are the embodiment of the cosmos

An Angel in human façade,

You carry a Goddess glow,

Mrs., I don’t know you, but I feel that you needed to hear this,

You see I know women that’s been in your place,

Even the most beautiful flower must endure horrific storms

But you’re deeply rooted

I can see the scars of the countless battles you had to face

Tear stained mascara like war paint

It matters not if others can see the blood and sweat

All they see is a beautiful mess, and not all poems rhyme

But you are poetry in motion so stop running this life’s race;

You know the day doesn’t chase the night,

You are the cradle of Life, and without you, there would be no human race

Mrs., You don’t know me, but I know you,

You are the moon, and you reflect Gods light

Beautiful Black Woman, you are Love and Love is everything, so YOU are everything. Know it for yourself and Love yourself, because we Love you;

Others maybe numb to your presence

But understand Beautiful Black Queen to the right ones you are felt,


©Kwamè “Amir” H.

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We burned brighter when we first met.

Lunar Petal 14: The Paradox

She’s the rapid winds of the storm,

The earth-rattling roar of the thunder,

When you see her coming, sound the alarms,

Pray to your savior; find the nearest shelter,

I’ll tell you now she’s a powerful force of nature.


She’s the peace on a clear summer night down by the riverside,

You cannot claim her; she can’t be tamed,

The saccharine aroma of grandma’s warm sweet potato pie,

The last in the chamber to the brain

She’s the cool draft in the heat, she’ll go last just make sure you eat

The wild bird you try to cage

I’ll tell you now don’t be fooled; she’s the nightmare when you sleep,

The gospel in the church on hell’s flames

But the daydream under the shade of a Magnolia tree,


She’s the gravity of Earth,

The mother to the land,

A woman with a goddess’ worth

The wrath of Gods hand,

A woman of refined taste,

She’ll wrap her fingers lovingly in your locs,

Then pull to show you your place.

I’ll tell you now this woman is a paradox to my sanity,

I pray she’ll never change.