What Lies

Burning water fills my sight blinding me from the light I can’t cry when the sun is gone because the tears won’t let me see the stars. Drifting through the galaxy will I ever land on Mars? The pendulum swings, how far will I sink in the tide of uncertainty? Washing up on the shores [...]

The Seed

The sun gave light brightly on a cloudy December afternoon in the small city of Columbus, Ga. It's a typically busy Saturday here, more so now as its the post week of Christmas and the very night before New Year’s Eve. People all over are out and about prepping for a night of fun and [...]

Facebook Official

You kiss my lips for the last time... Slowly I'm dying from this venom circulating through my veins, Left wasting aways, I remember how you said you could never love someone the same, but now I'm stuck watching you go down my timeline with another man, I should have just hit you with an unfollow [...]

The Broken King

I'm no messiah The We's dead and gone with no revival, Addicted to every drop of the poison that drips from your Saliva, trapped by the denial of... Love The issues goliath, why you bothering me? Let me decay in my throne of disgrace atop of the Himalayas Casting jagged stones of hate into the [...]