Recently I’ve Self-published my first anthology of poems and shorts titled “Sex with Luna” and you guys currently working on more projects, but there is another project I anxiously want to get into, something I’ve been aiming to achieve for quite some time. One of my biggest desires is to dive into the world of comic books/webcomics!

The first comic book I’m working on is called Forsaken, a fantasy-based comic. The Lore goes as followed,


In the age of Ancients, in a time where the world was unformed, shrouded by a storm of discord, arose the Divine creator to tame the chaos but it was too powerful and would not subdue to its powers.

The Divine birthed six Deities, molded from light and essence of the Chaos… Apollyon, Antares, Seethe, Calypso, Avalon, and the Lord of Nightmares.

With the strength of the Divine, they challenged the Chaos.

Seethe used his powers to alter time and space constructed a new realm to contain the Disorder. Calypso weaved a powerful seal built from each of the deities’ soul, the Glyph of chaos that which would serve as a lock into this realm. Antares flames force back the Chaos, but it was Avalon mighty sword that banished it into the forbidden domain. Apollyon fashion from his Miasma manifested a door that was closed and sealed with the Glyphs. The Chaos was no more but from its destruction, arose Man….

Where our story Begins:

In the age of New Light Vicious Delacroix wishes to undo the new peace that he and his comrades Amnael Siegfried and Metra Hayward once fought to uphold. To do so, he’s willing to destroy the seals of the Deities and unleash Chaos upon the world. Amnael stands to stop his brother at all cost, but in the midst of him doing so secrets of his past start to become unraveled.

As desperately as I want to do such a venture, I understand that I would need the help of other hands to do so, more importantly, an artist. After a fairly bit of time, I was able to find an artist willing and able to work on this project with the professional quality and skills well deserved of such a grand story.

I do understand I’m asking of a lot from all of you but with even just a small donation of $1 and a share can help me accomplish my goal of starting this project up.

Your donation will go toward the goal of hiring the artist need to help with this project and any other material needed to jump-start the development.

Thank you in advance for your contribution. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support.

Here are the ways you can donate:

Donate online at


Lunar petal 25

Some people just want to see you burn and fail, even throw gasoline just to speed up the process. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll succeed in this task. So burn… burn so bright and beautiful it’ll light up the night of their ugly lives.

Lunar Petal 14: The Paradox

She’s the rapid winds of the storm,

The earth-rattling roar of the thunder,

When you see her coming, sound the alarms,

Pray to your savior; find the nearest shelter,

I’ll tell you now she’s a powerful force of nature.


She’s the peace on a clear summer night down by the riverside,

You cannot claim her; she can’t be tamed,

The saccharine aroma of grandma’s warm sweet potato pie,

The last in the chamber to the brain

She’s the cool draft in the heat, she’ll go last just make sure you eat

The wild bird you try to cage

I’ll tell you now don’t be fooled; she’s the nightmare when you sleep,

The gospel in the church on hell’s flames

But the daydream under the shade of a Magnolia tree,


She’s the gravity of Earth,

The mother to the land,

A woman with a goddess’ worth

The wrath of Gods hand,

A woman of refined taste,

She’ll wrap her fingers lovingly in your locs,

Then pull to show you your place.

I’ll tell you now this woman is a paradox to my sanity,

I pray she’ll never change.

Lunar Petals 6 (Flowers that grew from Tears)

Round and round this Merry go,

the sun shines so brightly,

the warm light feels so good to her face as she stares down at the flowers that grow on her windowsill,

Eyes swollen from the tears of another fight, he is her heart and soul but the pain of sharing him with another… she wonders just how could these flowers grow here.