Lunar Petals 6 (Flowers that grew from Tears)

Round and round this Merry go,

the sun shines so brightly,

the warm light feels so good to her face as she stares down at the flowers that grow on her windowsill,

Eyes swollen from the tears of another fight, he is her heart and soul but the pain of sharing him with another… she wonders just how could these flowers grow here.

Simple and Sweet

It all started so simple and sweet,

Phone calls and text message every day of the week

Late trips down by the riverside, where we would count the stars on those moonlit nights, our feet swaying in the water as we talked about life,

Netflix and chill as we connected on something real

I was yours and you were mines, Damn,

Just what happened to the X’s and O’s?

The skies use to be so blue,

When did we get so distant and cold?

Grey clouds rolling in,

When did saying “I love you” get so old?

Arguments like Lighting and thunder

Why do I have so much sorrow in my soul?

So sick of feeling incompetent when we fight,

From morning, noon, well into the night

It all started so simple and sweet,

Compliment like messages in my DM to

Sexting from Am, noon, to Pm

Satisfying hidden desires late in the nights,

While listening to Down Low,

I know it’s not right,

Playing games behind your shoulders

As we Creep, she gives me what I miss a little TLC

This woman my Xscape, she’s My Little Secret

In the back of my car, Misery keeps me company

Every time I taste her lips I die a little more inside,

But further I dive deeper into her Wonderland,

No love just the disconnect from reality,

And that how we should keep it

As wrong as it maybe I fall victim to her lust,

Sexing her like I use to sex you,

Got her moaning like I use to have you moaning,

Heard my phone ring, but we caught up in the moment

Simple and Sweet convo like the ones we use to

Have, this confusion got me feeling foolish,

So damn selfish in my action,

Not giving a damn of your reactions

I know you tired of the excuses,

Baby I hate that we going through this

I know you home, heart gone,

Our love, your trust,

Just how many lies, before you see the truth with your own eyes

Just how could I be so ruthless

How long before I hear you screaming at me “Why!”

Hurt you just how could I do this?

In the back of my car, she screams my name into the night air,

Seats soaked with guilty pleasure and shame from this love affair,

Misery looks me in the face, telling me pretty lies

When I can see the ugly truth in her eyes,

Out all night, reluctantly you asked me where I been,

I know what you wanted,

I know you needed me to be honest,

I tell you… so Simple and sweet

“I was just out with friends.”