Darker than Black

I stand underneath a moonless sky with the tinkle of the stars lighting the night…..

I close my eyes to the suffering that surrounds me, but you’ll never see a thing, never knowing this internal fight.

Depression and anxiety killing what’s left of the humanity I still have left inside, I know longer know wrong from right.

I thought the ones before was the cure but even they couldn’t stave off this affliction

I won’t infect you too, don’t touch my heart or mind because that’s the center of the infection,

 I’ll suffer this alone no need for us to both be paralyzed, leave me and survive.


Knotted in the confusion of the loneliness

Are the memories of innocence

I hold my breath to keep from spreading the sickness

You laugh and smiled at me, but it’s getting so harder to breathe,

Baby I’m breaking and my mind like this world is twisted.

I need you, I don’t need you,

Go away, where are you,

I’m yours but are you mines?

I pluck the petals of my thoughts to pass the time,

As I fade into a world darker than black. @sexwithluna ©Amir