I was baptized in the lies of your dark baptism, but when it was all said and done I found right in the light of my own words, like a moth to a single flame in the darkest night. @Sexwithluna

Writing is my medication,

I found pure salvation from this devil called depression.

I thought I found a pill when I kissed your lips

You said, and I quote “I love you,” was it all dialogue from a tragic script

The ink from my pen spill like blood

Words form on paper like a tattoo on flesh

This pain I inflict is like a drug, I’m addicted

Writing is my medication,

You see I speak Parseltongue just to exercise these demons

To escape the agony, Eve gave me the apple to understand life’s meaning

But this life has no meaning, no more tears shed this is my dry cleaning,

I was baptized in the lies of your dark baptism, but when it was all said and done, I found right in the light of my own words, like a moth to a single flame in the darkest night,

Quarantining these monsters in my head I’m doing a housecleaning

Writing is my medication,

Words act as painkillers, I hope their not the death of me.

It’s funny how four letters, L-O-V-E have become my best worst enemy

Or H-A-T-E both of the same coin just flips it and see what you get

Loving you I no longer can invest, I’m already in debt

My heart the size of a fist and these words act as gloves

It was only after I kicked my own ass enough times, I found self-love

You see writing has become my medication

It’s through the expression of my own words that I found

Liberation in purging myself of these impure intoxication’s,

No longer do I seek outside validation

Instead, I have self-celebration in the fact that I have this outlet for these built up frustrations.

Writing is my medication….

 ©Amir Holloway(Hollis) 

Champagne on the Darkside of the Moon

I couldn’t resist staring into the perpetual night sky.
Resting under the tree of knowledge, I feel so alone.
I contemplate just who am I, living right or dying wrong?
What’s the weight of my accomplishments?
My mind conflicted with the who’s and whys.
If time is God given, what do I get if I just want to split?
The mirror is no longer black and white, which of the reflection is true
So much on the line, from you I can’t hide
The pain you see in my eyes.
How many worn smiles do I still have stashed?
Just how much of me is still left from a broken past?

This life of mental woes and sickness;
I vomit the shells of the bullets I’ve had to bite
Is heaven truly what the churches advertise? Is hell the reflection of what’s inside?
Living hurts so why not attempt suicide?
I’m not swayed by the consequence or shame
Just the will to survive
Contradictory mindset
The snake and I speak parseltongue,
I swallow the truth in his lies
No Eve, no fruit, just him and I
As we sip champagne on the darkest side of the moon of this barren Eden.

©Amir Hollis

Thoughts of a Lunar Petal #5

I don’t want true love, but love that lies,

Cross my heart, and hope to die
What’s a lover but just another bad trip to make you agonize,

Why seek the day when all you know is the night,

Why look for an emotional touch, that’s not enough
Just give me a physical rush,
Feed me every drop of your sticky lust,

Why make love when… I… when I have so much mistrust… damn this feeling suck,

Heart open, “I love you” misspoken, this pain inside of my chest suffers from the misconception of your affections,

I bury my hurt deep into her, inch by inch these emotions got me lynched,

Why just

why was I born to love, and cursed to feel…

I don’t want true love, but love that lies…

The Remedy

Your Sex plays as my remedy

How can I deny it?

Your Sex fucks with my sanity,

This addiction I can’t fight it,

Your Sex serves as my therapy,

Don’t take away this Erotic prescription from me

Your Sex is my clarity,

Sip the Love of your drug from a Styrofoam cup

Not looking for forever, just something momentarily

Poison me with the taste of your lips, not looking for easy, make it rough,

Your sex takes me to Paradise

I’m obsessed with these acts of obscenity

Even if it’s a lie, I want you to make some kind of love to me,

No matter how twisted, feed my soul your lies

Just give me the remedy for the night

I’m devoted to your toxicity,

Rehab is a no,

I hope you know

When I’m sinking in that place so low

It’s your sex that serves as my remedy

This kind of abuse I’ll never let go

I just hope you know, I just hope you know…@Sexwithluna