I was Wrong this was just another Heart Break Poem

All we do is fuss and fight,
I spent so much of my time trying to make things right,
and still you left.
But now that I know the truth,
Baby gone and do what you do,
I’m not mad you was just being you,
I played the fool,
I was just something for you to use,
Damn was I wrong,
Please stop blowing my phone,
Just leave me alone,
The love I had is there but so gone,
You see I’m moving on.
I sacrificed enough time of my life
trying to make things right,
It was goofy of me to ever believe that it was just me and you,
I seen the truth,
My heart you chose to abuse
You don’t love me like you say you do…. Sex With Luna
What’s your thoughts? Have you ever experience a feeling like this?

Heartbreak Clichè

I lay in this bed wasting away,

Locked in a cell in my head,

Held prisoner by thoughts of my sweet Caroline,

I was hers but never was she mines

I knew we would bend but never break,

I said stay, she said no waits.

So now I’m going through yet another heartbreak clichè.

@sexwithluna ©Amir


Lunar Petal 23

Lunar Petal 23

I fell in love when I said never again
Close to me, you were more than a friend,

It was always the world against you and I,

on some Bonnie and Clyde type vibe.

I found heaven in your eye’s when I never knew God,

The greatest lie was believing in that devils facade.

Amazing how you did nothing for me, but yet and still you were everything to me.

No matter how hard I would try wrong or right,
I dealt with the hell because it was you I needed at my side and still you left.

when it was all said and done you still said goodbye.

I always thought we would make it,
I guess I was mistaken.






We burned brighter when we first met.


If I could I would Nail my hands to the edges of stars with your broken promises,

Naked and Exposed my scars for all to see,

This is my Crucifixion for loving you, my Love… my Celestial being,

If I could I would tie you to those false dreams you sold me

Then watch you sink to the bottom of the sea of toxicity that was your Lies,

Watch you swallow your pride, Break free, frantically swim back to shores than watch as you regurgitate that Devils lie, “I Love You”

Why God, why make her the apple of my eye just to watch her be picked from my garden

Now I’m left blind, trapped in the endless loop of happy moments you decided to leave behind,

But it wasn’t all lies, I still carry some of those butterflies that flutter my heart, So I guess I’m still alive, Time heals wounds but wounds leave their scars
-Amir H.

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