I wish we could trade complexion Maybe then you'll understand my life's complications   Sure, All Lives Matter but this ain't about you and don't get me started on the Blue You don’t see color that shit don’t even compute That’s just a protest to my protest that you’re quick to declare The facts are [...]

The Seed

The sun gave light brightly on a cloudy December afternoon in the small city of Columbus, Ga. It's a typically busy Saturday here, more so now as its the post week of Christmas and the very night before New Year’s Eve. People all over are out and about prepping for a night of fun and [...]

Facebook Official

You kiss my lips for the last time... Slowly I'm dying from this venom circulating through my veins, Left wasting aways, I remember how you said you could never love someone the same, but now I'm stuck watching you go down my timeline with another man, I should have just hit you with an unfollow [...]