Say Something

break upSay Something, because I’m giving up on you,
Tell me something different like the truth
Same Shit, just a new day
Don’t fix your lips to say you’ll change
Just a bad song stuck on Replay,
True lies, but the love fake
So sick to my core,
So sick to my core,
I wish I knew what I knew before
So say something because I’m giving up on you

You Say It’s in my head,
But I’m mentally sick from all the negative energy you fed me
I regurgitate the poison of your lips, tears swell from the pain
Tempers flare like a hurricane,
you build me up, you break me down,
Hearts the sizes of fist just to beat one another up, sinking deep in waves of emotions and you’ll let me drown
Misguided my visions, couldn’t see the clear blue for the rain
Multiplied Words said that can’t be forgiven even if they where true,
If I could say it different, would it still sound the same?

Just say something, cause I’m giving up on you
No matter how we started, look at how its ending,
If I couldn’t hear you before, now I’m listening
Just say something, because I’m giving up
Say you love me,
say its not me but you
Tell me you don’t want me
Tell me I’m a fool,
Say you’re sick of all the headaches,
Tell me you’re tired of all the heartaches
It doesn’t matter whats true,
Just say something, cause I’m giving up on you…

We burned brighter when we first met.

Lunar petal 25

Some people just want to see you burn and fail, even throw gasoline just to speed up the process. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll succeed in this task. So burn… burn so bright and beautiful it’ll light up the night of their ugly lives.

Lunar Petal 11: Dead Leaves

Why do I… love

Why do I think of suicide…? A Raven that wants to be a dove

Steady trying to maintain,

I’m drowning in my tears

While repetitively doing the same things,

I’m bending from our fears

No one can fathom the pain, of constantly fighting with my own brain

It’s agonizing to love when you feel so damn lonely,

I’m tortured by the devil in the mirror,

Every day he grows a little clearer,

My sanity, I’m trying not to let it go, I feel so damn helpless

Lost in this world, trapped in this maze, misplaced in this labyrinth, my head is filled with a haze,

You were the light I needed for better days,

Why you had to be selfish

You told me you were down and I just let it slip by

I’m so damn weak, I hate that you had to leave,

Just how much were you holding on the inside

The white lies of telling me you were alright

I wore my heart on my sleeve,

But you wore the scars underneath

You knew I was stressed but it was you losing the battling with depression

I should never have left you by yourself

Maybe then I could have help with your mental health,

I hope you in heaven behaving yourself

It’s still so much I wanted to say to you

I really wish I knew just what you were going through

I still wish that phone call wasn’t the truth

I miss dancing in your moonlight

All alone

I sit under a moonless sky

Just call my phone

I just want to hear you say it going to be alight

Now, these memories serve as dead leaves dancing in the wind of my window at night.

Dead Leaves.

-National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255-