I wish we could trade complexion

Maybe then you’ll understand my life’s complications


Sure, All Lives Matter but this ain’t about you and don’t get me started on the Blue

You don’t see color that shit don’t even compute

That’s just a protest to my protest that you’re quick to declare

The facts are Black and White how blind can you be?

You’re not blinded by the truth, it’s evenhanded to turn off a guilty mind and accept these beautiful lies so long as the suffering of my fellow melanin doesn’t affect you.

Yea I know you’re not racist, Black Lives you merely don’t get it,

“Stand up when you see that Flag”

“Think about all those who died for that Flag”

Yea, let’s talk about that,

Your forefather dragged us from our land and home, forced us into customs and a culture

Driving us to forget our own. They murdered and enslaved us to build a country with blood, sweat, and tears that we can’t even call ours, my DNA still hears those loud cries.

But we should forget it right, Lincoln set us free right,

“Make America great again it’s the land of milk and honey” it’s what you tell us RIGHT!

You killed millions, damn near genocide, nonetheless

We should stand for a flag that’s desensitized, to the fear of being pulled over by those who swore to serve and protect

Yea as a Black male I’m terrified of not knowing if I’ll see the next sunset,

The weight of my aggression measured in contradiction of your bias implications

Forced to fold my hand to your bleeding ace of hearts.

Where does the healing start?

I can’t tell because you hide the Scales.

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