The Hour Past Midnight

The last time I gazed into her eyes, they were murky with tears. It was then she made up her mind to walk out of my life after a drawn-out confession that the child maturing within her was not mine. Delusions of grandeur with a happy family shattered by the hard-black stone of infidelity. Without [...]


If I could I would Nail my hands to the edges of stars with your broken promises, Naked and Exposed my scars for all to see, This is my Crucifixion for loving you, my Love... my Celestial being, If I could I would tie you to those false dreams you sold me Then watch you [...]

Lunar Petal 11: Dead Leaves

Why do I… love Why do I think of suicide…? A Raven that wants to be a dove Steady trying to maintain, I’m drowning in my tears While repetitively doing the same things, I’m bending from our fears No one can fathom the pain, of constantly fighting with my own brain It's agonizing to love when [...]