I love how I wanted to give you the world, but you took it, flipped it and reimbursed me the universe,

Each converse are like tongue ship rides through the known and unknown, while listening to SZA, Kendrick, 6lack, Cole, and Sade;

You showed me that we’re not stuck in our ways just like the moon every day we’re going through phases
Let’s kick it at the edge of the cosmos and reminisce of Genesis;

Skipping down memory lane, we trip over past mistakes;
Kindred of the same broken soul,
We each share positive vibes and shared pain feeling whole;

This type of energy is like photosynthesis
Full of nutrients and soul filling

You saw the best in me when I couldn’t see the beauty of my own wings
Making love with one another like how it supposed to be,
Not just on the physical but more spiritually;

What’s crazy is I don’t need to see heaven since God brought me to you;
Your presence is such a blessing and I know you never meant to,
You taught me how to Love me and to put myself first
Showed me how to move forward never in reverse
I’m both the sun and the earth of my own universe

Luna, I thank you.

©Kwamè “Amir” H.

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Forsaken Character Profile – Amnael

Name: Amnael Siegfried (Protagonist)Amnael

Power Type: Dragon Fire

Gender: Male

Birthday: Lomus (Oct.) 16th

Hight: 6’2

Weight: 180lbs

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: White

Skin: Brown

Origin: Jonah


Amnael Siegfried is the main protagonist of Forsaken. He is a Knight of the Order with the power of Dragon Fire, which grants him immense magical control over flames. His main weapon of use is Dragoon, a sword crafted from his soul and magic.



Born in Jonah, Amnael joined the ranks of the Order Knights. The three-person team he was assigned to was comprised of himself, Yunna Brunestud, and their team leader Vicious Delacroix. During their last mission tragedy had struck at the death of Yunna. Vicious blamed Amnael which started Vicious in his search on how to undo her demise. Amnael and Vicious eventually part ways only to be reunited at the Church of Elieoso, where the two clashed with one another in a life or death battle. Vicious had become a rogue and an enemy to The Order. Amnael was charged with Bring him in along with an Order Executioner, Selic Riel.


Personality: Amnael is very laid-back and rebellious. He can be very serious when the situation calls for it, but still maintains an overall arrogant and cocky demeanor. Though he can be lazy and tries to opt out of most of his work, when faced with demon extermination or war, Amnael is very fearless and is quick to step into battle if needed. Amnael has a strong sense of justice, never fighting or killing anything or anyone weaker than himself. Amnael can all ways be counted on to do the right thing, even for strangers.


Amnael enjoys a good fight with those more powerful than him, shown when he restrains himself from using his full potential, but if an opponent can push him to his limits Amnael is quick to unleash the full heat of


As a Knight Amnael is tasked to do a various amount of task for the Order, his primary purpose currently handed down to him by King Justice is to track down Vicious Delacroix.

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Recently I’ve Self-published my first anthology of poems and shorts titled “Sex with Luna” and you guys currently working on more projects, but there is another project I anxiously want to get into, something I’ve been aiming to achieve for quite some time. One of my biggest desires is to dive into the world of comic books/webcomics!

The first comic book I’m working on is called Forsaken, a fantasy-based comic. The Lore goes as followed,


In the age of Ancients, in a time where the world was unformed, shrouded by a storm of discord, arose the Divine creator to tame the chaos but it was too powerful and would not subdue to its powers.

The Divine birthed six Deities, molded from light and essence of the Chaos… Apollyon, Antares, Seethe, Calypso, Avalon, and the Lord of Nightmares.

With the strength of the Divine, they challenged the Chaos.

Seethe used his powers to alter time and space constructed a new realm to contain the Disorder. Calypso weaved a powerful seal built from each of the deities’ soul, the Glyph of chaos that which would serve as a lock into this realm. Antares flames force back the Chaos, but it was Avalon mighty sword that banished it into the forbidden domain. Apollyon fashion from his Miasma manifested a door that was closed and sealed with the Glyphs. The Chaos was no more but from its destruction, arose Man….

Where our story Begins:

In the age of New Light Vicious Delacroix wishes to undo the new peace that he and his comrades Amnael Siegfried and Metra Hayward once fought to uphold. To do so, he’s willing to destroy the seals of the Deities and unleash Chaos upon the world. Amnael stands to stop his brother at all cost, but in the midst of him doing so secrets of his past start to become unraveled.

As desperately as I want to do such a venture, I understand that I would need the help of other hands to do so, more importantly, an artist. After a fairly bit of time, I was able to find an artist willing and able to work on this project with the professional quality and skills well deserved of such a grand story.

I do understand I’m asking of a lot from all of you but with even just a small donation of $1 and a share can help me accomplish my goal of starting this project up.

Your donation will go toward the goal of hiring the artist need to help with this project and any other material needed to jump-start the development.

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We burned brighter when we first met.

Chapter 6 (Pt I.)

The sun was bright, the air bitter to the skin as Kassidy and I walked the tiny town of Remington, a town so miniscule that it failed to register on most GPS. You would have to Know the way as the locals would say. Remington was a town hardly touched by time, it was like being thrown back in the early 1900s, just catching up to the early 2000s. They even had a payphone near Mama Ed’s the local grocery store. Kassidy told me many stories of how as a kid she would come here with her grandma to purchase the juiciest peaches you’d ever find in all of Georgia. Then they would go home and make grandmas world-famous peach cobbler and listen to the life lessons she had gained growing up in a time before Rosa Parks sat down on the bus.

A storm was approaching the south and soon the roads would become unacceptable. The winter getaway was only planned for a weekend and now that weekend would turn into about a week. It was estimated that by Christmas the roads should be travelable but until then our necessities needed to double to deal with the extended stay in the cabin.

After the visit from Sheriff Walton early this morning, we had turned on the TV as we indulged in our breakfast. There was a well-dressed woman in a red blouse and black pencil skirt standing in front of weather map of the eastern side of the United States. The words “Bomb cyclone”, flashed across the screen. An apocalyptic-sounding winter storm set to hit the East Coast with freezing precipitation to affect Florida all the way up to New England. Here in the mountain region of Ga, They may get some snow but not the amount that was expected to reach. “Record Highs” the weatherwoman stated as she spoke to her fellow newsmen.

Chapter 5: The Flickering Light of the Past (Part II Final)

“King? Are you okay Baby?” Kassidy smile quickly turned into worry.

“Yea, just… I don’t know.”

“You were calling out some other woman’s name you know.” Her lips shifted, and her left eyebrow moved on its own, her look now was one of curiosity. It kind of reminded me of how WWE The Rock would do his to rile up the fans.

“I was, when?”

“Yes, in your sleep duh! Someone named Claire I think you kept saying. You wouldn’t be cheating on me would you and now your guilty conscience eating at you.”

“Wooooow, you funny but no. Claire Williams from way back at St. Ovaria.”

“Claire from when we were kids? Wow that’s going way back, I haven’t thought about her in ages”

“Yea, me either” I watched as the snow plastered pine trees faded into blurs, I tried to search the depths of my mind for a reason for the sudden trip to the past and what the hell did I dream to frighten me so bad about it. After pulling off to the approaching exit we soon past a large wooded, timeworn road sign with “Welcome to Remington” inscribed across its surface.

Chapter 5: The Flickering Light of the Past (Part I)

I awoke to a flash of dazzling lights. It was inviting, totally different from the cold of the lonesome shadows of death; I felt at peace.

     Through Darkness, Comes the Light, from its warming brace I could hear the proverbial whispers of my mother. Could this be The Light, the Light found at the end of the obscure tunnel? The guiding light to Paradise, to Heaven almighty where the angel dwell?

“Jesus, Nero, are you really sleeping?” Kassidy scoffed. I turned from the brightness of the daylight wiping the sleep from eyes, to see Kassidy in the driver seat steering the Ford down the scenic mountain road. We had just past a green Stagg road sign that read REMINGTON 1 MILE. It wasn’t what I thought, just the sun, it was the sun which woke me some hours later.

“Maybe next time I’ll hold back from taking your soul if you can’t hang Baby.” Kassidy clowned while sticking her tongue out while tooting her ass.

“Don’t kid yourself, Queen, you’re good but you could be Hella lot better.” I retorted with a slight grin. I struggled out of a terrible dream — I was chasing after someone or something had been chasing me. I couldn’t remember vividly, the only thing that stuck was the heart gripping, skin crawling, soul-freezing fear I had experience, and a familiar name from my younger days of attending St. Ovaria private school, Claire Williams. I was unbearably hot; my skin was damped with sweat. Sitting back in the passenger seat I cracked the window letting in that cool mountain air. Could this have been fear of the nightmare? No, the sun rays had been gleaming down on me for only God knows how long as I slept. Beaming down on me through the window like an ant under a magnifying glass from a mischievous child. Better yet it was probably a combination of both the Heat of the sun and the cold fear of the dream causing condensation to emit from my flesh.

Chapter 4: Memories of eyes made of Coal (Part IV Final)

“Nero…” A familiar voice whispered my name. I instantly shot up surveying the halls.

“Nero hurry…” My eyes could hardly believe it, I don’t think I could believe it. It was Claire, Claire Williams!  I wasn’t alone, an actual person and not the Snowman. Claire stood in the center of the hall looking at me with a slight smile. She turned walking down the hallway, I got up quickly following her.

Claire took a right down the foyer, as did I, she took a left and with no delay, I trailed behind. Locker’s begun to swing and close on their own, the closer I got to her, the louder they banged against each other. There was a flood of clashing metal clinging together. I tried drowning out the gaudy sound by covering my ears. Claire disappeared into the blackness of a classroom, just as I was to follow her the door slammed with a terrifying force, there was silence all around me.

“Please, Nero… where are you? I’m scared. He-He’s coming!” Claire called out. I rush to open the door, trying my hardest to pry it open but I stopped after looking at my feet, a pool of inky red fluid oozed around my tiny shoes.

Fear-stricken I took a step back as an earsplitting little girl scream could be heard from the other side, I slipped in the sticky rust smelling liquid. Out the corner of my eye there he stood with that smile and eyes made of coal at the center of the hall. His snow-white body stained with carnage.

The screaming stopped. The lights started to shut off, section by section the darkness started to creep. The Song of Moonlight, I thought to myself. I need the music box to keep the monsters away. I search my pockets only to come up with lint from the lining of my pants,

You Dropped it running after her… I thought to myself. I was now encircled by the darkness only a spotlight around me. But even in the darkness… even in the complete black, I could still see his Black Eyes.

“He’s Coming…” I muttered as the lights flickered on and off until the blackness finally consumed me.