Rose Red, Snow White Excerpt (Draft)

     I was standing in the middle of a dark school hallway. It was barely lit by the flickering fluorescent light above, but it gave enough visibility to the horror I was placed in. Hanging from the ceiling like festive Christmas decoration, were sheet-covered figures. Each heavy breath that escaped my mouth seemed to make them bob, though slight it was apparent from the ropes tight whining sound that could be heard as they faintly swayed to and fro. There was a soft hum like an echo; it was a familiar tune with an even more familiar tone. The door behind me was locked, and the only visible path out was forward, through the hallway of dangling cadavers. I could hear, no more like feel the rapid session of my heart beating through my ears. I had to force my body to obey simple commands, left foot, right foot, I did my best to avoid touching them fearful that they might move.

As I navigated down the sinister hallway, I started to mummer words that seemed to match the hum.

Should old acquaintance be forgot
and never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintance be forgot
and days of Auld Lang Syne?

     I could see three doors at the end of the hall. There was one to the left, one to the right, and the main double door that seemed to lead further down the darkness. Nearing them, I felt compelled, almost tranced to approach a specific entry. The humming got louder as I neared the entrance to the right. There was a chill, small clouds of breath plumed in front of me. I was cold, so damned cold I could feel it in my bones. This wasn’t some standard type of cold either, but the kind that starts in the stomach and then radiates in waves up and down the body, before settling in the spine. It was as if the cold was alive and ran off pure, unfiltered fear. I took hold of the doorknob bracing myself, I wasn’t sure of what to expect, but I was readying myself of the unexpected.

Opening the door, I gazed into a dark but still recognizable classroom. It was poorly lit by the flickers of ember undoubtedly from a candle. There was a rotten, putrid odor, flies buzzed and flew past me as if they were trying to escape whatever it was that was in this room. Just peeking around I could see nothing too out of pla- wait, there was something. The source of the humming was coming from someone or thing hanging from some wooden construction. Concentrating onto the unfamiliar object, I was able to make out that the hanging purpose was a body, a grotesque and disfigured human body. It was beheaded and skinned, organs with the hands and feet removed from the rest of the body. I stumbled back, tripping and falling on my rear end.


The humming continued, but now there was a dragging sound accompanied with it. What I saw made my soul shriek, the corpse was moving on its own, dragging itself by its stump’s. I sprung to my feet and took off as fast as I could down the hallway pushing the bodies to the side. They started to convulse sporadically, as I tried to run through them. The door that was sealed shut was now open with a bright light, I could hear the dragging and humming at the heel of my feet. I dared not look back afraid that it was right there ready to pounce. Just as I was home free the door SLAMMED shut; I crashed into it trying to open it, pounding and screaming for help.

“OPEN UP! SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME!!! LET ME OUT!!!!!” there came no answer, no one to help me. The fluorescent lights overhead darkened until there was nothing but a haze of blackness. @sexwithluna

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