Show me your Heaven and

Your Hell

Allow me to explore every inch of your untapped oceans no matter the depth,

I promise your hidden deep I’ll never tell

Caresses the land of your body and
Reveal to me your buried scars

As I read them with my hand like braille

Let me illuminate the darkness of your night

Let my light show you things you never knew

Treat me not like the stars

They only wish to watch light years apart

You see I’m trapped by the rune of your gravity,

See me not as your Sun but your Moon,

Give me every piece of you,

Down to the parts you hide from view

The parts some may find taboo,

Yea, that bittersweet you.

©Kwamè “Amir” H.

Artist: Davian Chester

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Issa Snack (Pt. III)

I was tongue deep into that yoni, your clit swollen and throbbing from all the tongue lashing. I softly hummed directly on it as I continued to stimulate your body with my fingers. I placed three fingers into your pussy while using the thumb from my other hand to keep playing with your ass.


You begin to scream out from excitement and pleasure. You hold my head with both hands, keeping my head right at your spot.


“Suck it, baby. For God sakes. EAT THIS PUSSY BABY!”, you yelled out at me as your body felt the climax of a lifetime building at the gates of your pussy.


“Fuck yes! Fuuucck yes, oh! Sh-Sh-Shit I-I’m cumming Zaddy!” a warm sweet liquid squirted down my throat. From the rush of your orgasm and shower water running up my nose, I almost thought I was going to drown. Quickly I cut the shower; I decided to get us out of the tub and move this into the bedroom.  You leaned back against the wall trying to gain back some sense of calmness. As you slid down the tiles, I took hold of your hand before you could drop all the way into the tub.

We both gathered our composure. I help you out of the shower, drying one another off.

My tongue brushed your pussy one last time before standing up. Taking you by the hand we made our way to the bedroom. I watch your body move as you walk, and it hardens my cock even more. I can feel it jumping with excitement for you. You think we’re going to fuck, and you turn towards the bed, but I have other plans, that back there was just a snack.

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Part II

Issa Snack (Pt. II)

You feverishly rode my tongue. I licked and sucked your yoni while your hands played in my locs. Just how long has it been since you’ve had your pussy catered to like this? How long has it been since anyone took the time to give you a good tongue bath? I lifted your legs over my shoulders, taking in the beauty of your pink gates, I inhaled the sweet musk of your yoni before burying my face back into your sex. My mouth and tongue begin to go to work, and in seconds, I had you whimpering with desire. With your hands pressed against the bathroom tiles, your body starts to shake a little as your excitement builds with the need for more stimulation. As my tongue danced with your clit, I eased my ring finger into your derrière while my middle and index finger played into the depths of your Yoni.

“Yessssss Zaddy!” you whispered.


As you looked down and I looked up, your sex face was giving me a primitive excitement. There was something about gazing into one another’s window that turned you on even more. You enjoyed having my head between your legs, feeding on your pleasure. This was different for you. Not the ordinary lick and stick you’ve grown accustomed to in the past, you were getting your pussy feasted on.

Enthralled by the sweet flavor, I needed to take it further. Elevating your body higher, I worked my tongue between your tight cheeks and began to sample the flavor of your apple bottom, while my fingers continued diving in and out of your pussy. You worked your body back and forth on my tongue and fingers, I broke rhythm ready to have you cum. I moved back to your pussy, licking up and down your slit, concentrating on making you climax. I knew by the way you were riding my face that you are just about there.

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Issa Snack (Pt. I)

For a while now, we’ve been playing these games with one another. Flirting and sexting, the occasional late-night freak talk of all the things we would do to one another.

All this did for me was manifest an insatiable hunger for you, yes, you. The one that had been the cause of all my erotic fantasies and wettest dreams. I had a craving that couldn’t be filled by ordinary means, and tonight, I wanted to change that. I needed to satisfy this carnal deprivation.


I called you over for a little Netflix, chill, and a home cooked meal that was carefully prepared by yours truly.

The night went smoothly, the sexual tension was overwhelming. We couldn’t keep our hands or lips off one another. It was finally time to turn all our words into reality. Taking you by your soft hand, I guided you up the stairs into the bathroom. I ran the shower until just about every reflective surface were fogged up.


We undressed one another slowly, carefully. As I peeled off each article of clothing, I felt that childish anticipation of Christmas morning. I felt the same excitement of ripping the wrapping off the gifts. We bathed in the sight of each other’s glory. You bit your bottom lip and I damp mines. We moved to the shower and gently cleansed each other in detail, in preparation.

I stood close to you with your back to the shower wall, kissing and licking your neck as the heat of the water rained down on us. My kisses descended lower and lower, making a stop at your fully erect nipples. Taking time with each one in my mouth, teasing them with the soft nibble of my teeth and the swirl of my tongue. Traveling lower, I dropped to my knees, pulling your passion fruit towards my awaiting mouth. You arched your back and moaned when you felt my lips and tongue press on your sweet tasting yoni.  Without hesitation, your legs open wide to the feel of my tongue; you placed one foot on the edge of the tub; opening your universe to me. I inched closer, cradling your hips in my hands so I can dive my face deeper into your tunnel of love.

Part II

Part III

Mind Reader — Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

The way he read my mind was as like he resided there, without fail- reading my raised goose bumps as if my desires were lifted- brail. Both exchanging compliments of greatness to give, no longer the forks’ in the road in search of cages– for the heart’s soulmate, too live. Found his words tasty as […]

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