HeartBeat Melody

Can we dance underneath the stars,
Just you and me
With nothing playing but the rhythm of our heartbeats,
It plays my favorite tune as we groove and stride to that sweetheart melody

Let me hold you in the spotlight of the moon,
Just me and you,
Vibing to the perfect volume that resonates so sweetly with the beautiful wilds of the night as I see the wonder of God design in your eyes,
Damn I love that kind of rushing feelings

I just want to chill and vibe,
You and me,
rocking side to side underneath a star-filled sky
With no why’s rhyme or reason,

I miss dancing like that
You and me
Vibing to the beat of that Heartbeat Melody,
I count the moments when we can rewind it back
But I see you’re already onto the next track


I love how I wanted to give you the world, but you took it, flipped it and reimbursed me the universe,

Each converse are like tongue ship rides through the known and unknown, while listening to SZA, Kendrick, 6lack, Cole, and Sade;

You showed me that we’re not stuck in our ways just like the moon every day we’re going through phases
Let’s kick it at the edge of the cosmos and reminisce of Genesis;

Skipping down memory lane, we trip over past mistakes;
Kindred of the same broken soul,
We each share positive vibes and shared pain feeling whole;

This type of energy is like photosynthesis
Full of nutrients and soul filling

You saw the best in me when I couldn’t see the beauty of my own wings
Making love with one another like how it supposed to be,
Not just on the physical but more spiritually;

What’s crazy is I don’t need to see heaven since God brought me to you;
Your presence is such a blessing and I know you never meant to,
You taught me how to Love me and to put myself first
Showed me how to move forward never in reverse
I’m both the sun and the earth of my own universe

Luna, I thank you.

©Kwamè “Amir” H.



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