Chapter 6 (Pt I.)

The sun was bright, the air bitter to the skin as Kassidy and I walked the tiny town of Remington, a town so miniscule that it failed to register on most GPS. You would have to Know the way as the locals would say. Remington was a town hardly touched by time, it was like [...]

Simple and Sweet

It all started so simple and sweet, Phone calls and text message every day of the week Late trips down by the riverside, where we would count the stars on those moonlit nights, our feet swaying in the water as we talked about life, Netflix and chill as we connected on something real I was [...]


I wish we could trade complexion Maybe then you'll understand my life's complications   Sure, All Lives Matter but this ain't about you and don't get me started on the Blue You don’t see color that shit don’t even compute That’s just a protest to my protest that you’re quick to declare The facts are [...]