Fresh Start — Heartstring Eulogies

“You are amazing. And no matter what, you deserve to be loved.” Let me start by saying you’re amazing. When it comes to love, well, love is love is love. No matter what you’ve been through, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be loved like the world begins and ends with you. It doesn’t mean that […]

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Fais de Beaux Rêves…. (Sweet Dreams) — The Voices Told Me To

I had a dream about you… shadow dancing in the recesses of my mind. Your lips on my… lips. Your fingertips wandering over my body, teasing me into submission, urging me closer to completion… moaning the sweet melody of your name, punctuated by the staccato of pleading you not. to. stop… more, MORE un-eloquently implored. […]

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Wealth does not Guarantee Happiness — EMPOWERING WOMEN

So often people try to equate wealth with happiness. Many have this unrealistic believe that if you are rich all your problems disappear. They fail to realize that rich or poor people have problems. Having money doesn’t mean that you won’t get ill. It doesn’t mean you are immune to drug addiction, heartbreak, betrayal or […]

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The 7 Things Men Can Do Only For The Woman They Love — phicklephilly

Try not to guess if your man loves and adores you. Read these signs and know without a doubt. Men demonstrate that they care for a woman in a way that’s different from how women show it. If a man publicly displays his affection for you, just know he’s not messing around. A man that […]

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Thoughts of a Lunar Petal #5

I don’t want true love, but love that lies,

Cross my heart, and hope to die
What’s a lover but just another bad trip to make you agonize,

Why seek the day when all you know is the night,

Why look for an emotional touch, that’s not enough
Just give me a physical rush,
Feed me every drop of your sticky lust,

Why make love when… I… when I have so much mistrust… damn this feeling suck,

Heart open, “I love you” misspoken, this pain inside of my chest suffers from the misconception of your affections,

I bury my hurt deep into her, inch by inch these emotions got me lynched,

Why just

why was I born to love, and cursed to feel…

I don’t want true love, but love that lies…


Lately I,

Smile, reminiscing out my window

Of cinnamon like Summers, sweet

Visions of how cute it was to watch your hair flow when the wind would blow,

Each strand carelessly in the breeze

As you kissed me slowly down by the riverside,

It was “Love” you supplied to me,

A feeling I never thought I would ever find just more heartbreak and misery

I was a fanatic to the poison you gave me

Drunk off Love for so long

I don’t know how to be sober when it’s gone

Lately I,

Been feeling like a fool

Lips dripping with sin,

It’s no secret anymore

We’ve been down this road before

This bottle half empty,

Another argument of how you see it half full,

We do this all the time

Lately I,

Felt like it was sand in my hands

The moment’s pass

Your clothes repeat memories

Of the things we couldn’t control

We were bound to crash,

Warm Summer nights, now winter cold

Another needle in my skin,

Watch how fast my sleeve stains

Another ink to cover the faded pain, you would think I was an addict to melancholy,

How could I not see?

Buying into the lies you sold me

I invested every penny for your thoughts and still, it wasn’t enough change

We fell apart long before we ever could start

Two hearts with scars ruined by distant hurt that run so deep,

Just who’s sleeping with my worries now?

Lately I,

Keep telling myself I gave you all I could give,

As I cry behind this smile,

You apologize so many time for a love that I had to share,

And I texted you “There’s nothing to forgive, I hope you find joy and bliss”

When in reality, I thought you would come back and say that there’s no other Love you could feel like this

Throwing back these shots is all I can do

All I have are these emotion and drinks mixed,

How could you be so cruel,

I hope what you find is true,

I’m so torn apart,

Crudely stitched together

But I hope you doing well,

I feel so confused

Lately I,


Chapter 1: “A Single rose as my Garden, A Single Heart My Kingdom” Part 2

I slowly steered my 2015 Ford Mustang coupe up a winding hill, sheets of snow blanket over the towering trees and forest floors. Classical Christmas music played from the radio; Kassidy taking the time to check on her business and the kids, once at the cabin our phones were off and her parent, who every year looked forward to our away trip because they adored having the children over, would only be able to reach us by the landline in the cabin. This was not that type of business trip, so there was no point and bring work up here, at least not that type of work.

We arrived at the snow-covered cabin, almost instantly memories of times past of family camping trips and previous winter sexual explorations filled our minds. Nostalgia at its finest, back when it was all so simple before we had to “Find” the time for one another. I looked over at my beautiful wife she was wrapping up the conversation with the kids and her parents. Knowing them it was going to take a little minute, so I took the time to unload the car.

The cabin door swung open with a creek, I dropped the last of the lugged at my feet stepping down the steps, the cabin always looked so different in daylight. I glared around at all the fund memory. My eyes leisure amidst the ceiling, immediately they were drawn to the paper mache stars and moon we made the first night here with the kids. Vaguely I smiled as my eyes continued to wander. The counter that separated the kitchen from the living area came into view. All I could do was marvel at the many times I sat my Queen across the top, drinking the wine of her chalice, fucking her so passionately until we conceived our first born.


I Love her

Soft, white silence suffocates the mountain noise, a moment calm, honest, and seamless. Snow white stained in a deep seething red.

A blanket of ice settled perfectly still around me. My hands crimson with the ink of blood, she was frozen. Not by the icy winter wind but by time. She was forever captured in these last fleeting moments of this tragic stage.

My Heart, my Wife, my Queen, she held a penetrating stare to my gaze as the sticky red fluid pooled into the snow soiling it lush pure beauty.

Standing there fixated on this twisted tragedy was Him. Watching with smugness through those damn beady eyes of black pebble. His face snow pale with a grin made of stones sculpted a crossed its chilly surface. His twig thin arms up in celebration for the condemning of my soul.

He did all of this, from the moment I uncovered his secret and failed to save an innocent, he has played as the author and illustrator of this long drawn out novella of retribution.

Now, this winter stage serves as the climax as the curtains are drawn. As the lights dim a faint whisper could be heard

    I’ll suffer hell’s penance for the sins of killing the one I love.