Moving on — My Screaming Twenties

I cleaned every inch of you away today. I took my time; I didn’t scrub vigorously but made sure what’s left behind sparkles gorgeously in the light. I said goodbye today with my dishcloth and soap, to leave only hope. © Kristiana Reed 2019

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never meant to be — The Lonely Author

never meant to be we lay on a lonesome beach tides shift between reality and fantasy red lips kiss the yesterday we never had as we dream of eternity fireflies illuminate the night forming horoscopes foretelling no promises of tomorrow our eyes express things our mouths will never see the moonless sky torments our precious […]

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EnigMandy — hands in the garden

she preens that pretty nuanced screen I simply can’t read true cruel intentions invade to evade pupils- crystal schism lips, candy oblivion mane, tossing beach-sand tidal waive with calculated curl i swirl into haze uneasiness while she masters her poise in stripping my protest ©Anthony Gorman 2019 image: image:

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masterpiece of poetry — The Lonely Author

If you love beautiful artwork, please visit my friend Resa’s blog. She posts outstanding murals from the brightest upcoming artists in the Toronto area. Don’t miss it. It is full of so many masterpieces. . masterpiece of poetry Criss cross brush strokes intersect the depths of my soul with brilliant colors she extracts from […]

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Poetry that eats me — MY VALIANT SOUL

I was told since beginning to breathe. Outside the loathing empty voice. Like a romantic bud blossoming under the clear sky. I knew i had some issue. I was often mad. People called me anxious. And life vomited every disgusted feeling, a black hole on my face. I survived that. i survived my anxiety. The […]

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Monsters Of Men — Heartstring Eulogies

“Monsters come in many forms, and mine found new ways to torment me.” It was done. That instant of relief washed over me and I knew the war was over. At least, that’s what I thought. I found love, home, and finally freedom. My future, laid out before me. It was like being able to […]

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